Long-Term Memory Setup Requires A Reliable Delivery Crew

Long-Term Memory Setup Requires A Reliable Delivery Crew

Our brain is always in the mood of learning something new. Long-term memories have a normal circuit associated as we experience something. Moreover, with every event, the neurons tend to come out and set new branches. In recent research, the mechanism of the neurons is clearer now. The connection points present in the neurons continuously remodel for plasticity.

Long-Term Memory Setup Requires A Reliable Delivery Crew

The cell body of the neurons is responsible for synaptic plasticity. There is an internal transportation system consisting of a microtubule road. The vital cargo present in the cell is transferred to the farthest points. Some robot-like carriers are there to complete this process.

Furthermore, this cargo will let the cells read the RNA instructions properly. Also, it is responsible for assembling the ribosome organelles. As per the requirement of the dendrites, the building of new proteins will take place.

Long-Term Memory Setup Requires A Reliable Delivery Crew

Study On The Long-Term Memory Setup

Just like computers, innumerable processes keep on going in our brains. As per a study, the main carriers operating in the transport network are KIF5C and KIF3A. Both of them belong to the Kinesin family. The team behind this research was led by Puthanveettil.

The experiment revealed that the absence of KIF5C formed a negative impact on the neurons’ mechanisms. Moreover, both the input-receiving spines and capability to form dendrite branches suffered. Therefore, it was evident that gaining KIF5C will lead to an improvement in the action.

According to another notable author, Supriya Swarnkar, KIFS plays an important role in the entire neurological functioning. Furthermore, you can face various neurological disorders as well as intellectual disabilities. Hence, the study covered all these aspects in complete detail. Also, there will be new directions to treat the different issues.

The transport system covering the long-distance to synapse from the cell body will help to create memories. Some studies also showed the connection of KIFS mutations with the disorders in the brain. It can also lead to permanent problems like Autism, ALS, etc.

The structure of the proteins belonging to the Kinesin family is just like a walking robot. In scientific terms, these are referred to as molecular machines. These robots keep on moving till they reach the synapse with the cargo on their back. Finally, on reaching the destination, they deposit the load. Thus, the whole system is a remarkable one with the specialized transport system to make your brain function.

In-Depth Analysis Of Brain

In our brain, the type of cargo varies a lot. However, to carry the same, not one molecular machine is there. Reports revealed that 46 such molecular machines are present to carry different operations. The expert team thought that this cargo will be consisting of different types of RNAs. These come from the DNA. DNAs are a part of the nucleus and are responsible for encoding genes. Different jobs are assigned to each RNA. 

Moreover, its main function is collecting the genetic instructions from the DNA. Thereafter, it takes them to the cytoplasm and starts building the proteins. It is also responsible for the regulation of all the activities taking place within the cells.

Therefore, the study gave insights into the role of KIFS in the storage of long-term memories. The Dorsal Hippocampal CA1 neurons can develop different forms of learning. Hence, it was one of the areas of the experiment for the team. KIF5C loss can show a reduction in the memories related to fear. However, increment of the same in the Dorsal Hippocampal can lead to better memory storage. Experience the amplification of the memory cells with this process.

Puthanveettil and his team addressed all the essential areas affecting memories and brain disorders. Also, they found out new ways to analyze the symptoms of Alzheimer’s.


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