Major East Coast Storm Might Disrupt Travel This Week


According to the latest weather reports, a major East Coast Storm might disrupt air travel during this week. The winter storm Gail is expected to impact the mid-Atlantic and northeast regions on Wednesday and Thursday.

There is also a heavy snowfall forecast for Washington DC that can get up to 4 inches of snowfall during the day. Similar warnings are given for Philadelphia, New York, and Boston that can get up to 12 inches of snowfall.

Major East Coast Storm Might Disrupt Travel This Week

Weather forecast experts have warned that the storm would hit hard, and the major disruption can be done to air travel in this region. If you are planning to fly this week for holidays, you may have to make alternate arrangements or wait for a couple of days for the weather to clear.

Forecasters have also said that there may be shipping delays and power outages during the blockbuster storm. Several schools may also be closed as a precautionary measure to avoid any untoward incident during the snowfall.

Major East Coast Storm Might Disrupt Travel This Week

Several airlines have issued travel waivers for passengers who want to avoid the storm. According to the forecast, this may be the most significant winter storm in several years. Airlines have issued waivers and canceled several flights on their own so that they do not have to deal with stranded passengers at the airports. Passengers are advised to start early or cancel their trip during this season.

The airlines will provide updates about travel dates and destinations covered depending upon the changing trajectory of the storm and its intensity in the coming days. As of now, passengers who were supposed to fly on Wednesday and Thursday are being covered with the waivers.

It is important to note that you may not be eligible for a refund if you have purchased a nonrefundable ticket. Unless the airlines decide to cancel the flights on their own, you will not be eligible for a refund in this situation.

However, airlines have made provisions for travelers to cancel their flight tickets and receive credits towards future bookings. This is a complicated situation for several travelers who want to enjoy their holidays during the weekend. As all the passengers who wanted to travel during the weekdays will now reschedule their plans, airlines will have fever tickets left during the holiday weekend.

Other than that, there are several other changes and flight cuts due to the pandemic, and this is complicating the situation. The first batch of holiday Travellers is expected to take off this weekend. Many more would be joining them during the Christmas weekend. Passengers who want to change their flights can do it online by getting in touch with the airline authorities.

You can visit the websites of the airline to check the rebooking rules and procedures. Not every airline has covered all the destinations during the holiday season and it is a good idea to cross-check the information by visiting the official websites of the Airlines.

The CDC has also issued warnings to avoid travel during the holiday season as much as possible. Even though a vaccine is available in the market, it may take many months before everyone can get vaccinated. Till then, it is a good idea to avoid travel for pleasure. The authorities have also warned that there can be a huge spike in the number of coronavirus cases during the Christmas holiday season.

The best thing you can do in this situation is to cancel your travel plans for the holidays and enjoy them later when the situation gets normal. If you have the option to get a refund, you can easily choose this as several Airlines are willing to provide this offer during the holiday season.


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