Man from San Tan Valley turns to you to find missing tuition money

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San Tan Valley, Arizona (3TV/CBS 5) – A man from the San Tan Valley had to transfer classes from one community college to another. But what should have been a simple transaction turned into a major headache when his tuition money disappeared.

Micah Emerson is a busy man. He is a husband, father and works full time. But he also wants to study electrical engineering and attend Chandler-Gilbert Community College.

However, it didn’t take long for me to realize there was a problem. “The schedule just didn’t fit what they were offering,” he said. “So I went to a sister college, Rio Salado.”

To do so, Micah withdrew her enrollment from Chandler-Gilbert and waited for her $695 tuition to be refunded. According to Mika, the school claimed that he had to pay the money back using the same debit card he used to pay for the tuition. “It was a federal regulation,” he said. “It just had to happen.”

But that didn’t happen because Micah had closed his Bank of America account. As a result, he never received his $695 and no one could tell where it went.

Mika says that the college blamed the bank and the bank blamed the college. “So it’s this endless loop where the other person says they have my money and you need to contact them,” he said. “And I’m just stuck in the middle and mostly ignored or told not to do it.”

After months of debate, Micah finally reached out to On Your Side for help. We reached out to school officials and the bank, and after asking them to investigate the matter, Bank of America discovered that Micah’s money was with them after it was removed from her closed account. Bank of America then mailed Micah a check for the full amount of $695.

Mika says he’s glad he contacted On Your Side. “I would definitely recommend your site to other people,” he said. “It saved me a lot of trouble. Many of these companies expect you to give up. They had to respond to that by including “On Your Side”. And it was literally the difference between day and night.”

Bank of America quickly resolved the issue. On Your Side alerted him to the problem and a day later the check was in the mail.