Many Health Workers To Get The Final Dose Of Vaccination

On Friday, the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department completed the vaccination of the health care workers in Phase 1A which is as per the vaccination plan of Covid-19. This has led to shifting of focus towards the more uncertain portion of the vaccination plan – Phase 1B.

Pat Lopez, a health director, said she is expecting at least 4,800 professionals from the health care department to get the second doses from Moderna and Pfizer on Friday. This was expected to happen at Pinnacle Bank Arena which is a mass clinic.

Many Health Workers To Get The Final Dose Of Vaccination

Among many other people, a dentist at the Capital Dental, Brandon Chapek has received his first vaccination shot at a mass clinic on January 23. He is expected to get his second dose today.

Chapek stated that his arm got sored for more than 12 hours after getting this first vaccine dose. He feels like this time he will be getting more severe effects after this time.

Many Health Workers To Get The Final Dose Of Vaccination

But the dentist and his members of the staff, even after the side effects, will be going to get the second shot and are looking forward to it. Post the second dose, they will get added security and protection against Covid-19.

Chepek said that the staff members are pretty excited about the vaccination stuff.

While Chepek and his staff are healthy and young, they have families in their lives. Like grandparents, parents, wife, children and patients who might contract the virus from them.

Their main focus is to not only protect themselves but also protect by staying safe from the virus through vaccines as said by the doctor.

Post the vaccination of the health department their focus now is to move towards Phase 1B which will be including people over the age of 65 and other front line workers.

Lopez stated that there are two clinics that are planned at the arena next week to give doses to the people who are over 80 years old and got their first dose at the mass clinic on February 5.

After that plans are not still much clear and discussions are going on.

Lopez stated that she is not sure if there are any first dose clinics from next week because the health department is unsure about the vaccine supply next week.

On Thursday, State officials said that the widespread weather due to the winter across the U.S. is leading to delays in the Covid-19 vaccine.

Many health districts of Nebraska scaled back or had to cancel vaccine clinics that were planned this week  because these clinics  did not get adequate vaccine supply allotted to them

Lopez said that the total doses of Pfizer vaccine received by the local centre of the health department was about 5,800 but the centre did not get the supply of Moderna vaccine that it was supposed to get. Till Thursday night, it was not made clear to them as to when they would receive the remaining doses of  vaccine supply .

Gov. Pete Ricketts said on Friday that he was informed about the arrival of the remaining doses of vaccines by this weekend.

Another reason why the vaccine plans will get complicated further is that after next week, the  department will not be able to use the arena for coming two weeks owing to the state high school basketball tournaments of boys and girls to be held there.

The health department is searching for another vaccination site during the competition weeks and the plans will finalize soon. Lancaster Event Center is a site which can be used as vaccine clinics but it will also be having big events from March 5th to 7th and March 12th to 14th. The new locations will be announced soon.

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