Maou-Sama And Emi Joins The Forces, Release Date


Devil Is A Part timer has already been completed. However, there is hope that the author might revive the manga series soon. In this case, Devil Is A Part-Timer Chapter 103 focuses on starting over. Maou-Sama wants to see everything from a different perspective. He knows full well that Emi is his forbidden enemy who forced him to flee. But things will change now.

If the author revives the manga, Maou and Emi will finally reveal their feelings for each other in Chapter 103. Maou will have a hard time finding his feelings. But Emi knows what she wants. She wants to spend her time with Maou. Meanwhile, Maou tries to team up with angels. Maybe Emi is behind this rethinking. Read on to find out more.

The devil is a part-timer chapter 103
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Devil Is A Part-Timer Chapter 103 Preview: What Will Happen Next?

Well, the manga series is already finished. But if the series is revived, we can expect Maou and Emi to work together. Well, the last chapter hinted that Emi has feelings for Maou and wants to start a new life with him. Despite knowing they are still opponents, she has feelings for him after meeting his perspective. In addition, she seems to want to raise the child with him.

Meanwhile, Ursushiha and General are still worried about Maou’s plan. They wanted to leave the place and carry out their plan as soon as possible. But Maou has other plans to work on. He is more concerned with joining forces and working together. He wanted to ally himself with men and angels. Maybe it’s because he wants to spend more time with Emi. It could ultimately lead to a massive blowout once Emi and Maou join the forces.

The devil is a part-timer chapter 103
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A short summary!

In the previous chapter, Maou-sama and Emi went to a cell phone store. Maou’s first phone got damaged, so he visited the store with Emi and a little girl. However, the saleswoman insisted on waiting for his number “55” to come. He waited and chatted nicely with Emi. As they chatted, Emi spotted Acieth-chan looking for a new piece of cell phone. Maou quickly grabbed her and yelled at her that at least for now he didn’t want to buy her a new phone.

Later, Emi and Acieth-chan had a heart-to-heart talk, during which Emi revealed that she wanted to see her little girl call Maou Papa. Maou struggled to leave his old phone behind. So Emi suggested transferring the files and data to a new phone and Maou agreed. Emi later revealed that she wanted to know more about Maou, and the more she learned about him, the more generous he seemed. Later, Maou’s followers asked him if it was worth replacing great demon generals with humans. Maou replied that it would be great if demons, humans and angels worked together.

The devil is a part-timer chapter 103
ASCII media works

Devil Is A Part-Timer Chapter 103 Release Date

As we know, the manga series has already been completed. So there’s little hope that it might return with the next chapter. However, since the author revived the series earlier, we can assume that will be the case this time as well. So Devil Is A Part-Timer Chapter 103 could be released in late 2022. So stay tuned. The Anime Daily keeps you updated.

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