Marvel Fans Are Getting Very Vocal About Their Fantastic Four Director Pick


For some time now, John Krasinski has been a fan favorite to play Reed Richards, aka Mr. Fantastic, in any future Fantastic Four movie. Krasinski even weighed in on popular fan casting, telling ComicBook in March 2020 he’d love to play Mr. Fantastic if approached. The increasing fan enthusiasm for the actor has led many to hope even more that the director behind ‘A Quiet Place’ will resume the Holy See and the lead role, just as he did for his hit horror film.

In the days since Jon Watts left the MCU project Fantastic Four, the internet has been awash with fan calls for Krasinski to do the film.’s Chris Killian reminded him of this Twitter Followers of the 2020 conversation he had with The Office alum wrote, “I don’t have any inside information, but based on my conversation with John Krasinski in 2020, I’d bet my entire buck that this man ‘ Fantastic’ will stage four.” Elsewhere @spiderman0801 tweeted, “I would love to see @johnkrasinski direct Fantastic 4.”

No sooner had the news of Watt’s departure broke @FistOfKhonshuu tweeting, “People are talking about John Krasinski directing and starring in ‘Fantastic Four’, that’s pretty much all I want, I don’t think you understand.” Krasinski was also discussed on Reddit. In a post on r/marveltheories about the production schedule for Fantastic Four, Redditor u/oliver_435 wrote, “I really want John Krasinski to star in and direct the movie. I think that would be great.”

It remains to be seen whether Kevin Feige and other Marvel Studios bosses will heed fan requests and give Krasinski the job, but it’s clear there’s an audience that would embrace the idea with open arms.

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