Massachusetts Troopers Quit As Vaccine Mandate Not In Favor

Massachusetts Troopers Quit As Vaccine Mandate Not In Favor

The State Police Association of Massachusetts reported that many troopers of Massachusetts are forethinking quitting their jobs as the request to delay Governor Charlie Baker’s state employee Covid-19 vaccine mandate was denied by a judge on Thursday. 

Michael Cherven, the president of SPAM, stated that they are disappointed and not in favor of the judge’s decision, but whatever may be the case, they respect it. He also said that it was pitiful that the Governor and the higher officials chose to mandate one of the most stringent vaccine mandates in the country with no reasonable alternatives.

Massachusetts Troopers Quit As Vaccine Mandate Not In Favor

This decision of the judge has left the troopers who are still unvaccinated with just a few days to get their first Pfizer vaccine shot. If they fail to do so, they will face action against them which could also lead them to lose their jobs, because they will not be able to be completely vaccinated by the middle of October.

Massachusetts Troopers Quit As Vaccine Mandate Not In Favor

Due to this decision made by judge Jackie Cowin, many troops have submitted their resignation letters already, which states that some people have also requested for their transfers to other departments that are providing other alternative methods for protection against the coronavirus such as regular testing and wearing masks. The union is also trying to add the Covid-19 infections into the list of line-of-duty injuries.

This is being put into play as significant surges in cases are being observed in agencies. According to Los Angeles Times, the health officials in Los Angeles have observed more than two hundred covid infections at police or fire agencies all over the country since the pandemic began.

According to the records, thirty-eight infections were identified in April 2021 in public safety agencies. This has been the highest in any month since this pandemic began. A month later, the second most infections, with a number of thirty-five, were observed by the county Department of Public Health. The vaccine rates in the Los Angeles Police Department and Los Angeles Fire Department are normally low, as much as sixty-eight percent of eligible county people who have gotten their shots.

New York’s Firm Stand On The Deadline

Governor Kathy Hochul has stated that if the healthcare workers of New York quit instead of getting the coronavirus vaccine before Monday, then New York has other options such as bringing the National Guard, using methods like bringing workers from other states, and countries, and declaring a state of emergency. All the healthcare workers are supposed to get their first shot of the Covid-19 vaccine, as the state established the mandate last month. 

Even after the threats and lawsuits made by the workers stating that they would quit their jobs, governor Hochul has stood firm on her decision of the deadline, saying that the battle against Covid and pandemic is not yet over and people need to fight with everything that can be of help for the situation.


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