McConnell Attacks $2000 Stimulus Checks As “Socialism For Rich”


Mitch McConnell, Senate majority leader, has blocked the quick passage of increasing the stimulus cheques to $2000. This was the key demand of Donald Trump, and he had rejected the covid relief bill for this reason. However, the Senate majority leader has called the demand “socialism for the rich people”.

This is the third time the Senate majority leader has blocked the house from approving the bill that would have increased the one-time relief package from $600 to $2000. Due to this reason, the congress will not be able to pass the legislation, and the decision is likely to be postponed till next week.

McConnell Attacks $2000 Stimulus Checks As “Socialism For Rich”

He argued that the democrats were supporting the demand of Donald Trump for increasing the stimulus checks to $2000, but they have failed to recognize the other mandates of the president. He is also in favor of removing the protections for big tech companies. This was in reference to the protections enjoyed by social media companies. Apart from that, he also asked the higher authorities to examine the claims of voter fraud in the 2020 elections.

McConnell Attacks $2000 Stimulus Checks As "Socialism For Rich"

He said that socialism for rich people was a terrible way to help millions of Americans who are actually struggling due to the economic crisis. He added that doing socialism for rich people would not help the families who are actually in need of the stimulus package. He has instead suggested a bill that agrees to increase the stimulus checks and remove the provisions under Section 230 of the Communications decency act. Apart from that, he also wants to establish a Commission to study voter fraud during the recently held Presidential elections.

He said that the Senate was not going to segregate the three issues highlighted by Donald Trump. He added that the democrats were afraid to address two issues raised by the president, and they are only in favor of increasing the stimulus checks from $600 to $2000.

Political analysts are of the opinion that this was a strategic move by the Senate majority leader in order to reject the covid relief package. In this way, the republicans are easily able to get out of a difficult situation that Donald Trump put them into by suggesting an increase in the direct payments. The $2000 check is unlikely to become a law, and millions of Americans who were happy with the announcement will now be disappointed due to the clashes between the republicans and democrats.

Considering this situation, the race for Senate has become an interesting point in Georgia. The democrats are highlighting the issues in a big way and suggesting that having a majority at the Senate will help them to pass key bills in the future. The voters are likely to favor the democrats in this situation, and the republicans are not going to receive any support from the public at this stage.

This has put millions of American families in a difficult situation, and most of them are not having money to pay rents and other utility bills. As several packages that were earlier given by the Federal government are set to expire soon, millions of people will be left homeless, and they will have to struggle a lot till the economy improves in the near future. It is estimated that more than 12 million people will lose unemployment benefits due to this reason. The Senate is behaving in an irresponsible manner and not considering the difficulties of millions of Americans who are suffering due to the pandemic. Political analysts are of the opinion that this is likely to affect the popularity of republicans in the near future.


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