McDonald’s Fans Lobby for Return of Forgotten Menu Items


MC Donalds (Delhi Municipality) – McDonald’s Corporation’s Get Report triggered a social media flood when it asked Twitter followers which menu items to bring back from the past.

This simple two-word tweet “bring back ____” has received nearly 9,000 retweets, over 46,000 quote retweets, and 122,500 likes.

It’s a massive response and the winners were clear. People really remember the fast-food giant’s snack wraps, McSalad shakers, and BTS meals (who are probably more fans of band lobbying than fans of real food).

But in addition to the articles that received overwhelming support, many long-forgotten favorites (and non-favorites) resurfaced. And while some should be taken as a joke (anyone really want McPizza back?), others have a following that could make them candidates for a big comeback.

McDonald’s hasn’t said if it will use the results of an unofficial Twitter poll to make menu choices. But the company clearly knows how to capitalize on its audience’s interest in bringing items back — with a big push for public relations.

That’s why it’s selectively bringing back McRib, and why the chain put its famous Szechuan sauce back on the menu (very briefly) earlier this year.

Many people asked Chen to bring back his short-lived McPizza. (Many of them probably never actually tried the item, which can still be found on some McDonald’s menus around the world.

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Many also called for a sister product to Filet O’ Fish, which was discontinued in 2013. Fish McBites were intended to be a portable version of the popular fish sandwich for those who are observing Lent and need to eat on the go. This was obviously very targeted as McBytes ran for less than a year.

One of the most popular requests in a Twitter thread was for breakfast hours to be extended or for a return to all-day breakfasts.

The chain isn’t ready, franchise owners have complained, but McDonald’s may be able to make people happy by bringing back a seemingly forgotten breakfast sandwich, the steak bagel.

Who wants McDonald’s steak? Apparently a lot of people as it was an often mentioned favorite.

A few people (though not nearly as many) have lobbied for the return of a sandwich, which is clearly not supported by his image.

Lots of happy McReturns?

Nostalgia inspires customers and can bring many generations. Fans of the Fish McBites will be returning not just to try them, but to get their kids trying an item they remember.

It makes sense that McDonald’s would look to its past to see what classic (and non-classic) menu items it should bring back.

Few chains have as long a history as McDonald’s. And while many of these products have fallen into oblivion for good reason, some may be delighting a new generation by bringing old customers back to the flavors of their past.

And while not every past favorite can make a comeback, many people want the hot side hot and the cold side with the McDLT returning.



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