McDonald’s gets more bad news about a main menu item


While McDonald’s (Delhi Municipal Corp) — McDonald’s Corporation reports: While not generally known for its offbeat fast-food innovations, it is known for dismantling long-standing classics.

Take the Big Mac for example.

These days, putting an extra slice of bread in the middle of a burger doesn’t sound very revolutionary, but when it debuted in 1967, it was so coveted that it even earned a nickname as a benchmark for currency comparisons: The Big Mac Index.

McDonald’s is committed to its all-American classic identity and has been doing well for decades. But it’s also worth noting how it has adapted to people’s changing needs, such as the 2004 film Super Size Me in response to criticism directed at its practices.

Today, McDonald’s faces a new question from its consumers: not only healthy eating, but also plant-based options. And while its previous attempts at healthy offerings like salad shakers and McLean’s didn’t really connect, it’s unlike the chain not to give it at least the old-college try.

Unfortunately, his latest attempt falters before it actually hits the ground.

This healthy alternative doesn’t get good reviews

Since the introduction of the Impossible Whopper in Burger King in 2019 (QSR) – Get a report from Restaurant Brands International Inc., a line of plant-based meat substitutes are appearing in both fast-food and dine-in restaurants.

The market for plant-based alternatives is growing rapidly, suggesting that consumers are certainly interested in consuming less meat and dairy.

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McDonald’s began testing its own offering, a burger called McPlant, developed in partnership with Beyond Meat.BYND) – Receive reports from Beyond Meat Inc on a three-year deal in 2021.

It began with an initial test at eight locations including Irving and Carrollton, Texas, Cedar Falls, Iowa, Jennings and Lake Charles, LA and El Segundo, and Manhattan Beach, California.

The burger performed so well in small market tests that McDonald’s decided to take the next step in expanding its 200 restaurants. Here it met more rural areas like East Texas, where often only three or four were sold a day. McPlant did better overall in larger cities like San Francisco and Dallas/Fort Worth, but still fell short of its original sales targets.

BTIG analysts Peter Saleh and Ben Parent said in a report published June 16 that they do not expect McDonald’s to roll out McPlant nationwide in 2022, Restaurant Dive reports.

Instead, they predict the chain will change its marketing strategy and possibly even its price to get more people interested in the product.

“For McPlant to become more ubiquitous, the price point must be more competitive with traditional burgers and there must be more emphasis on health and climate benefits,” the report states.

While McPlant’s cost can vary by location, it currently ranges from $5 to $7 depending on where it’s sold.

Beyond Meat shares fell in the afternoon after the BTIG report.

McPlant, on the other hand, fared much better in the UK, where a nationwide rollout was announced in January.



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