Miami Doctor Stops Treating Unvaccinated Patients

Miami Doctor Stops Treating Unvaccinated Patients

A Florida doctor says she will stop treating unvaccinated COVID19 patients, citing the safety of its patients and other staff as the state continues to fight the virus. 

Dr. Linda Marraccini, a family doctor in South Miami, said she had a difficult decision to make because of the delta option, which is increasing the number of COVID19 cases. Her team of practitioners and herself will also not see patients in person unless they are vaccinated against the virus, as per the reports.

Miami Doctor Stops Treating Unvaccinated Patients

“I do not want people to spread the virus but people are free to choose,” says Marraccini.
The physician said the decision was based on scientific evidence and aimed at reducing unnecessary risk to other patients and staff.

Miami Doctor Stops Treating Unvaccinated Patients

Marraccini said in an interview that “it is a global health and public health issue and when it comes to the safety of others we have to be very progressive. Marraccini continues to provide telemedicine or referral options for unvaccinated patients. She told 

Newsweek that the response to her decision was 99.9% perfect. ”
Florida continues to fight COVID19 and Delta Variant is highly contagious. According to the AP news agency, more than 46,300 people have died in the state, making it the 17th highest per capita death in the United States.

Marraccini said the Delta variant caused the latest surge in COVID19 after which she made a difficult decision for her practice. General practitioners from South Miami sent out a letter to their patients saying they would no longer see patients not vaccinated against COVID19 until September 15.
Marraccini said the decision is based on science, not politics, and its goal is to avoid putting patients and other staff at risk. 

“This is a public health emergency: public health prevails over the rights of everyone in this situation,” Marraccini wrote, according to the news agency. 

In a separate interview, Marraccini said that the treatment of unvaccinated patients would be carried out through virtual meetings. He also said that an exception would be made if the patient was unable to inject due to difficulties or a prescription would be required.

Marraccini told the news agency that his policies do not violate the Hippocratic Oath because his policies are in the interest of his patients, some of whom are immunosuppressed or undergoing chemotherapy.
“The Hippocratic Oath is very scientific. I am for science. I’m taking it for the benefit of the sick,” 

Marraccini said during the interview.
Marraccini comes as Florida becomes the epicenter of the latest wave of delta change-fueled coronavirus. The Sunshine State reported 129,240 cases and 433 deaths in the week Aug 27 to Sept 2, according to state figures released Friday. According to Johns Hopkins University, 55% of the state’s population is fully vaccinated. 

Marraccini is not the first physician to announce such a policy. Jason Valentine, a physician in Alabama, said in mid-August that he would no longer see unvaccinated patients from 1 September.
However, the number of hospitalizations has decreased over the past two years. week, suggesting that the potential profit may decline.


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