Midlife Conversations Deep Dive Review

Midlife can be a confusing time for women, as this stage of life includes a wide range of issues that must be addressed. We’re talking about hormonal, biological, and vanity changes, not to mention aches and pains, work-life balance challenges, family issues, financial stress, mortality, and everything else.

In the words of HealthMeans, an organization dedicated to opening doors to comprehensive, valid health information, middle-aged women are frequently disregarded, leaving them feeling useless, if not displaced. Hosted by Natalie Jill, The Midlife Conversations Deep Dive Event was created by HealthMeans to build a world where middle-aged women may look forward to life, have a voice, and thrive.

Officially launched on Monday, May 22, 2023, the Midlife Conversations Deep Dive Event aims to educate women on why midlife is a great time to be at and key health practices that will make this group feel younger than ever. Moreover, women will learn how to efficiently navigate roles revolving around caring for aging parents, becoming empty nesters, and raising teens. You name it. Above all, this event will give women insight into how to completely step into their purpose and authority. With only a few hours until the third day concludes, let’s take a look at who will be speaking and what themes will be covered.

What awaits people on Day 3 of the Midlife Conversations Deep Dive Event?

Day three of the Midlife Conversations Deep Dive Event packs seven health experts and/or fanatics on various themes. Below is a summary of who they are and what they bring to the table:

Speaker: Cat Begovic, MD

Topic: Plastic Surgery & Skincare in Midlife

Duration: 45 minutes

Dr. Cat Begovic, MD, is a proud mother, wife, plastic surgeon, Harvard and UCLA graduate, and MD Glam founder. Her first experience with surgery came when she volunteered at a local hospital in high school. She knew it was her calling the moment she stepped out of the OR that day. While doing her residency, she fell in love with plastic surgery to help women wanting a transformation. In fact, she discusses each woman’s journey on social media to dispel the negative stigma around surgery, gaining 1.2 million female followers.

Naturally, she will bring this type of experience to the Midlife Conversations Deep Dive Event. She will devote her portion to discussing common surgeries that middle-aged women accept, why opting for botox and skincare remedies is preferable to going under the knife, and facial procedures to consider before undergoing a full facelift.

Speaker: Chalene Johnson

Topic: Your Sex Life in Midlife

Duration: 23 minutes

Chalene Johnson is a specialist in creating simple, step-by-step systems that help people achieve their goals. She founded several programs, including the Marketing Impact Academy (which teaches people how to create, launch, and grow their online business), Instaclubhub (which takes the guesswork out of Instagram™), and Phase It Up (which teaches people how to lose weight and keep it off), among others.

So, what might a results-oriented person have to say about midlife? As someone who has lived through midlife, she will use this occasion to provide a physiological look at sexuality after the age of 40, recommendations for discussing sexual needs with one’s respective spouse, and she will uncover the reason(s) why couples may not be having sex.

Speaker: Hayley Hobson

Topic: Essential Nourishment for Skin Health

Duration: 27 minutes

Hayley Hobson is a certified health and life coach, doTERRA wellness advocate (and double presidential diamond), holistic health educator, and seven-figure online entrepreneur who wants to help everyone develop a 10/10 life. Hayley focused solely on her strengths for a long time, ignoring other areas that need more effort. Such an approach led her down a long road of chronic health issues. This is when she realized she needed to create a 10/10 life and began by identifying areas that required improvement.

Given how much people respect her as a leader, inviting her to the Midlife Conversations Deep Dive Event doesn’t seem unreasonable. Her goal is to shine a light on midlife skin changes, what NAD is and why it is important, and skin supplements and ingredients to take today.

Speaker: Danette May, CPT

Topic: Attracting the Love You Want

Duration: 32 minutes

Danette May is recognized as an individual on a mission to help people become the true and full-expression versions of themselves. She is the co-founder and CCO of Mindful Health LLC and Earth Echo Foods, best-selling author of The Rise and Embrace Abundance, founder of The Rise Movement, keynote speaker, high-level executive coach, fitness and nutrition expert, entrepreneur, wife, and mother. Which of these roles will Danette serve during the Midlife Conversations Deep Dive Event?

She appears to be wearing all hats because she will walk women through the steps to cultivating the relationships they desire in midlife, including maintaining a neutral position for relationship conversations and the importance of morning rituals, mirror work, and strong boundaries, among other relationship pointers.

Speaker: Keri Glassman, MS, RD, CDN

Topic: Stress & Cortisol in Midlife

Duration: 30 minutes

Keri Glassman, MS, RD, CDN, is a nutritionist and the founder of Nutritious Life. Her mission is to guide people toward wellness solutions that work for them on an individual basis while giving science-backed healthy living advice through everyday discussions. Furthermore, she holds the title of healthy living expert, especially after authoring four best-selling nutrition books. She is also a frequent contributor and commentator for some of the world’s most influential media sources.

Sitting down with Natalie, Jill allegedly felt comfortable with her. She said she was in her element when she discussed everything there is to know about cortisol. More specifically, middle-aged women will learn about the influence cortisol has on belly fat, how to recognize if a cortisol problem exists, and three actionable steps that must be taken for cortisol management.

Speaker: Patty Ann Tublin

Topic: Marital Changes in Midlife

Duration: 32 minutes

Dr. Patty Ann Tublin is a relationship, emotional intelligence, and communication expert who has lectured all over the world. Midlife is a perplexing stage in which women find themselves suppressing their feelings and thoughts. So, having a specialist in this field will perhaps make it easier for women to see reality for what it truly is. Dr. Patty Ann, in our opinion, is an apt candidate to cover this topic because she is the CEO and founder of Relationship Toolbox LLC (a training and development coaching and consulting firm), and she is committed to women’s empowerment, for which she has created customized programs and initiatives.

When asked what she will speak on at the Midlife Conversations Deep Dive Event, she said, “Everything communication.” She will specifically cover ways to help women talk to their partners (especially when they don’t listen), the only reasons why relationships and marriages fail, and how to get a marriage back on track (hint: it all comes down to communication).

Speaker: Tabatha Barber, DO, FACOOG, NCMP

Topic: Sex Life Changes in Midlife

Duration: 32 minutes

Dr. Tabatha Barber is a triple board-certified OB/GYN physician who specializes in functional medicine. This is her primary method of addressing women’s health. Her ultimate objective is to demonstrate how basic things like food, activity, mindfulness practices, herbs, supplements, and energy healing techniques are all that are needed to reverse chronic illnesses and live a happy, long life. Considering her specialization, she will break down the differences between Western and functional medicines, factors that affect sex in midlife, and the importance of hormone therapy.

Midlife Conversations Deep Dive Speakers

Is accessing Day 3 of the Midlife Conversations Deep Dive Event free?

For a limited time, the video sessions from the third day of the Midlife Conversations Deep Dive Event will be available for free. If people do not watch them within the next few hours, they still have time to acquire lifetime access to not just the third day of the event but the whole event. Currently, three packages are available for purchase, each one offering different types of resources depending on individualistic needs:

The Education Package (USD$69):

  • Event streaming/downloading from one’s respective HealthMeans account;
  • Access to the online event transcripts;
  • Online access to purchase gifts.

The Action Package (USD$69):

  • Midlife Conversations in Action eCourse;
  • Online access to purchase gifts.

The Education + Action Package (USD$99):

  • Event streaming/downloading from one’s respective HealthMeans account;
  • Access to the online event transcripts;
  • Midlife Conversations in Action eCourse;
  • Online access to purchase gifts.

Regarding the Midlife Conversations in Action eCourse, this is for anyone who understands the theory but would prefer to have their hands held in the implementation stages. In fact, this course is suitable for anyone wanting to eat healthier, stay fit, become more creative, and make shifts to their respective career paths.

Finally, we have the free purchase gifts, each one provided by some of the speakers from the Midlife Conversations Deep Dive Event, as listed below:

  • Gift #1. The 8-Week Gutsy Hormone Solution from Tabatha Barber;
  • Gift #2. The Good Life Coaching Community (60-day Access) from Brooke Hemingway;
  • Gift #3. Daily Lifestyle Longevity eGuide from Hayley Hobson;
  • Gift #4. The Quit Sugar Challenge eBundle from Tricia Nelson;
  • Gift #5. Fit Over 40: Guide to Bloodwork eGuide from Jamie Kyei-Frimpong;
  • Gift #6. Your Cortisol Reset eGuide from Keri Glassman;
  • Gift #7. How to Find Mold eBook from Jason Earle;
  • Gift #8. Path to Prosperity Masterclass from Kiné Corder;
  • Gift #9. Reverse Aging from Laura Frontiero;
  • Gift #10. The Whole You Healing Detox eGuide from Danette May;
  • Gift #11. 3 Mistakes That Women Make in Midlife eBook from Kwavi Agbeyegbe;
  • Gift #12. The Ultimate Midlife Gut & Energy Recipe eBook from Jackie Bowker;
  • Gift #13. Color Harmony eCourse from Jen Vax;
  • Gift #14. Gut Radiance eGuide from Kellyann Petrucci.

Wrap Up

The Midlife Conversations Deep Dive Event is an online summit created to help middle-aged women. Once again, middle-aged women are a frequently overlooked demographic that feels out of place at home, in their marriage, and in society as a whole. Therefore, this event comes at the right time, bringing together a variety of health specialists, motivational speakers, relationship experts, and others wearing different hats.

The benefit of having people from various fields is that attendees will get a complete picture of where they are in their lives, what changes need to be made to overcome negative thinking, why it is critical to start conversations (especially with loved ones), and how to reclaim power and self-confidence. The third day of the Midlife Conversations Deep Dive Event focuses on relationships, the impact of stress (or cortisol levels), plastic surgery, communication, and natural approaches to healing the mind, body, and soul.

The mix in knowledge is not so surprising. In our opinion, each day is as rich as the preceding and subsequent ones, which is what distinguishes HealthMeans’ events from others. Now is the time to listen in on the advice provided by the selected speakers; else, a fee will be charged. We believe that watching the videos beforehand will allow people to assess what has been offered and determine whether the themes are relevant to their goals. It goes without saying that purchasing any of the three packages is worthwhile because a one-time fee grants access to all episodes. To get started with day 3 of the Midlife Conversations Deep Dive Event before it’s too late, visit the official website by clicking here! >>>

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