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Mike Pence Asks Judge To Toss Lawsuit That Seeks To Overturn Election Results


Vice president Mike Pence has asked a federal judge to reject the lawsuit filed by a group of republicans with regards to overturning the election results. He claimed the lawsuit should be brought before Congress as this was not the proper way to address those issues.

Some Republicans who filed the suit against Pence this week argue that the vice president has the constitutional authority to decide on how the electoral college votes are counted. The vice president is all set to oversee Congress when the official counting of votes cast by the electoral college begins on January 6. According to the lawsuit, the vice president has the constitutional authority to ignore votes cast for Biden in some States where the republicans have alleged election fraud. However, there is no evidence of election fraud to support the claims of republicans.

Mike Pence Asks Judge To Toss Lawsuit That Seeks To Overturn Election Results

During the electoral College results that were held in early December, Biden got a comfortable majority of 306 votes when compared to Trump’s 232 votes.

The judge had ordered the Vice-President to respond to the lawsuit, and Pence has said that the Senate and house have a legal interest when it comes to handling such issues. The people who filed the lawsuit said that they tried to reach the office of the Vice-President to settle the matter before going to court. However, as the discussions were not successful, they had to file the lawsuit. This gives a clear indication that Mike Pence would not support the lawsuit.

Mike Pence Asks Judge To Toss Lawsuit That Seeks To Overturn Election Results

Some GOP lawmakers have said that they will object to the certification process on January 6. In this regard, it would be interesting to see the response of other republicans who have openly supported the election results and accepted that there were no fraudulent activities during the elections. The outcome of this meeting will put an end to all the controversies with regards to the presidential election results.

Many critics are aware that the republicans do not have a strong case and are likely to lose the battle as they have lost by a comfortable margin. On the other hand, the Trump campaign is still trying to find loopholes in the system, and they are trying all legal means to overturn the election results. Even though several such attempts have failed miserably in the last few weeks, they are still not willing to give up, and all these efforts should come to an end in the next week.

Meanwhile, the transition team of Joe Biden has said that they are not getting good support from the current administration with regards to key issues. The transition team said that not enough information is coming from the Pentagon with regards to national security, and this will affect the way the new administration handles the situation in the near future.

From the response of the vice president, it is clear that he is not willing to support the republicans in their effort to overturn the election results. He is trying to stay away from controversies at this stage. Some Republicans are trying their last efforts when it comes to overturning the election results in key States. However, they have been widely criticized even by some Republicans, and they have asked the Trump campaign to accept defeat and move ahead with the situation. On the other hand, Trump is trying to take legal options to object to the certification process. This is doing a lot of damage to the Republican party, and the administration has also stopped several important relief bills that would have helped millions of Americans to get financial assistance during the festival season.



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