Military Doctors Return Exhausted Amid The Pandemic

Military Doctors Return Exhausted Amid The Pandemic

It is observed that military doctors and emergency personnel are exhausted. In several parts of the US, low vaccination rates are causing higher Covid-19 cases.

various hospitals are struggling to overcome the workload. Apart from these hospitals, a Louisiana hospital thanked the pentagon medics, which helped them overcome the crisis. 

Military Doctors Return Exhausted Amid The Pandemic

A hospital in Mississippi on the contrary reported the death of four pregnant Covid-19 patients. Kentucky Gov. Showed his grieve and called the situation “dire”.

The White House has announced that it is deploying 350 EMTs, doctors, nurses, and other health care officials in Mississippi, Louisiana, and Alabama for emergency 

Military Doctors Return Exhausted Amid The Pandemic

medical conditions.

This is the second deployment by the White House, the first was a month before this.

The situation in the hospitals is turning severe with additional hospitalizations caused by hurricane Ida. Apart from hospitalization, the hurricane brought great damages to the hospitals. The Lake Hospital in Baton is on average reporting one Covid-19 infected patient every hour. 

Dr. Abdulla Moosa said, “ we were lacking manpower to treat the number of patients admitted in the ICU, we are thankful that we were provided with help.”

Captain Joshua Lowe, a member of the Baton Rouge task force described to CNN that, “a lot of young people are infected in this wave in comparison to the first few waves.”

In Mississippi, hospitals are loaded with Covid-19 patients. It is majorly due to the low vaccination rates. The state holds a population of 3 million people and out of these only 38% are fully vaccinated.

To take the situation under control a team or air force medics were deployed in the University of Mississippi. About 20 medics, 14 nurses, 4 medical doctors, and 2 respiratory technicians were among the team members.

The UMMC’s chief administrative officer informed that “the team is working side-by-side with our staff members’ ‘.

The hospital is witnessing patients reluctant to accept the severity of their own illness. The people are careless about the seriousness of the virus. Frequent visits of unmasked individuals are commonly reported. 

The patients have a delayed realization of their mistake. The hospital staff describes the expression of guilt on the faces of the patients, “they are guilty of not taking the vaccine dose.” They also hear misinformation about the virus from the patients.

Dr. Risa says, “ when we hear about the misinformation we cannot tell them they should have taken the vaccine, the situation is so critical that we can only hear their grievances.” She added, “we cannot lecture them for their mistake in such a critical condition.”

The ICUs and emergency rooms are working beyond capacity with the Covid-19 patients. The emergency scenes in the hospitals are terrifying with the beds in the hallway, treatment going on in open rooms.

Experts are continuously following the trend of hospitalization of unvaccinated individuals. They state “it has to be accepted that vaccination is a necessity as we see a surge in Covid-19 hospitalization among unvaccinated people.”

The White House had to deploy a team at Missouri in July, as they reached out for help. In a similar step, Biden offered help to the state of Arkansas as it had eight ICU beds left for its entire population.      


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