Mirko’s Quirk In My Hero Academia Explained


On paper, it doesn’t look like Rabbit really has many impressive powers. Aside from Mirko having the ears and therefore the keen hearing of a rabbit, most of the Quirk’s benefits are bargain-basement perks for things like agility, strength, durability, and speed (via My Hero Academia Wiki). Everything else – like Mirko’s pain tolerance, strong instincts and mastery of combat – owes more to her brave demeanor and dedication to crushing baddies. However, through her courage and training, Mirko becomes a threat.

Really, we shouldn’t turn our noses up too high at Mirko’s powerhouse. Her improved physiology really packs a punch. In Episode 90, when Dabi has both Endeavor and Hawks on the ropes, Mirko rushes in to save the day with a powerful kick that literally shakes the earth between both parties. Needless to say, that’s a lot of power for a single kick.

Because Mirko can use her power (and speed) to great advantage, she has a whole host of special moves that make her an absolute menace. Kick-based moves like Luna Ring, Luna Fall, and Luna Arc let Mirko use her powerful legs against one or more opponents. Her only non-kick move, “Luna Tijeras,” involves using her legs to kill her opponents. She may not be capable of moving mountains like All Might, but you don’t need to move mountains when your legs are a glorified guillotine.

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