Moderna’s Covid 19 Vaccine May Get Early Approval From FDA


The covid-19 vaccine developed by Moderna is all set to get FDA approval shortly. The advisory committee to the FDA is scheduled to meet Thursday to discuss the safety and efficiency of the vaccine developed by the biotechnology company Moderna.

The FDA has indicated that an emergency use authorization can be provided, and it is likely to be quicker than the approval given for the Pfizer vaccine. The vaccine developed by Moderna is similar to that of Pfizer as both of them use genetic material known as messenger RNA.

Moderna’s Covid 19 Vaccine May Get Early Approval From FDA

Experts say that both vaccines are based on the same technology, and they are similar in many aspects. In this technology, the actual virus is not used to make the vaccine, and the genetic code is used to trick the body into developing an immune response.

The vaccine developed by Moderna is about 95% effective in preventing disease, and it appears safe during the clinical trials. Dr. Anthony Fauci said that the FDA is likely to issue an emergency use authorization shortly after looking into the clinical trial data of the vaccine.

Moderna's Covid 19 Vaccine May Get Early Approval From FDA

The group of experts does not have any ties to the vaccine maker, and they would consider all the safety aspects of the vaccine before recommending it to the FDA. The meeting is likely to be over quickly as the FDA staff have already reviewed the data from the clinical trials. They have not raised any major questions with regards to the safety of the vaccine so far, and this indicates that the emergency use authorization may be given at the earliest.

The clinical trials have indicated that the vaccine is about 95% effective at preventing the disease, and the trials also included people who are over the age of 65 and from different ethnic backgrounds. Moderna has said that its vaccine is also good at preventing asymptomatic infections.

There are very few issues to discuss its safety concerns as the vaccine has not yet been used anywhere else like the Pfizer vaccine. The Pfizer vaccine was already used in the UK before it was sent to FDA approval in the US. As the Pfizer vaccine had shown two cases of side effects in the UK, this point was also discussed during the approval meeting. However, with Moderna, such a process is not required as this is the first time the vaccine is sent for authorization.

Yet another difference between Pfizer clinical trials and Moderna trials is that Pfizer had done the trials on younger age groups and the issue of whether it was safe for children in the age group of 16-17 was a point of discussion among the approval committee. However, the Moderna vaccine was tested with volunteers over the age of 18.

In this way, the committee has very few concerns with regards to providing emergency authorization use approval for the Moderna vaccine. Once the advisory committee recommends the vaccine to the FDA, approval can be given immediately.

This quick rollout of another vaccine into the market will boost the mass vaccination programs, and this can help the authorities to provide vaccines to more number of people at once. There is a shortage of supply across the country, and the situation may ease once the production of these two vaccines is increased in the coming weeks.

The CDC is also making efforts to promote vaccinations, and they are advising top leaders to take vaccines in public view. Even Joe Biden and Mike Pence are likely to get the vaccine in the next few days. The authorities plan to use these events for publicity so that the common citizens can boost public confidence in the vaccine.


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