More Than 1.1 Million Travelers Screened By TSA A Day After Christmas


According to the latest numbers coming from the transportation security administration, the agency has screened more than 1.1 million people across the United States on Saturday. The travelers seem to have no regard for the warnings given by the CDC to stay at home to control the rising number of coronavirus cases across the country. This is the fifth day during the Christmas holiday season when the total number of travelers have crossed more than 1 million.

More Than 1.1 Million Travelers Screened By TSA A Day After Christmas

The CDC has urged Americans to avoid traveling for the Winter holidays as this can be very risky considering the rising number of new coronavirus cases. Not only that, the number of hospitalizations and deaths due to the pandemic is also increasing in recent weeks, and public health care is severely burdened with overflowing covid patients. The CDC has also asked Travellers to get tested for covid-19 if they have to travel during the holidays.

More Than 1.1 Million Travelers Screened By TSA A Day After Christmas

According to the latest recommendations by the CDC, travelers have to get tested for covid-19 about two-three days before their travel and also after the travel. In this way, they will be able to detect the infection in the early stages, and necessary treatment can be given to avoid serious complications in the long run. The CDC has said that avoiding non-essential travel is the best way to stay safe during the Winter holidays. Apart from that, the CDC has also suggested Travellers avoid non essential activities about a week after travel.

In this way, the transmission of the virus can be controlled to some extent if the Travellers are infected and not having any symptoms. If the Travellers are not getting tested after traveling, the CDC has suggested they avoid non-essential activities for ten days. During this stage, monitoring their health for any covid-19 symptoms is essential, and they have to go for testing if they have any doubt in their minds.

Experts have said that testing alone does not eliminate the risk associated with traveling during the holidays. Apart from testing, travelers should also reduce non-essential activities and take the necessary precautions for many days before and after the travel. Taking such measures can make travel safer for everyone, and the huge spike that is expected soon after the holiday season can be contained to some extent.

The CDC had earlier indicated that traveling could increase the chances of getting infected, and it can also lead to the widespread transmission of covid-19 across the country. However, as the number of cases started to rise in large numbers after the Thanksgiving event, the CDC issued a strict warning to avoid non-essential travel during the holidays. Apart from that, health experts have also warned that there can be a huge spike in new coronavirus cases after the holiday season.

The travel industry is reportedly happy with the holiday season as they are finally able to get some business during the pandemic season. Apart from that, the covid relief bill also has some provisions for the airline workers, and they will be able to get some relief in this situation. The airline association has also requested the CDC to put its workers on the priority list to receive the covid-19 vaccines. According to experts, airline workers may be included in the essential worker’s category to receive the vaccine on priority in the next phase.

Considering the latest development, the airline workers may be eligible to get vaccines after January. This will also give a good boost to the airlines as the staff members can safely work without the risk of getting infected during travel.


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