More Bad New for the Infamous Disney World Site


Usually when Walt Disney (district) – The Walt Disney Company is closing everything in or near its Disney World theme parks so that something else can be put in their place. Because space at the company’s Florida resort isn’t as valuable as it is at Disneyland in California, it’s still valuable, and any location that once housed a ride, hotel, restaurant or attraction is likely valuable space.

This was not the case with the old River Country Water Park. Once Disney World’s only water park, River Country was meant to feel like an “old water hole” with people jumping over tire swings and things like that. The problem with the popular water park is that it was built at a time when Disney World had very few visitors.

This should not do justice to the large number of visitors that a modern water park can accommodate. So Disney built Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon — two more modern water parks — and River Country was left to (literally) rot. Disney evacuated the pool and slide, and only then did everything possible to prevent the site from becoming dangerous.

Disney gradually let the country reclaim its former water park, and despite rumors of its return as a more exclusive water park tied to a hotel, nothing happened at the site that became the subject of many social media memes. became. People shared pictures of deteriorating eyes and openly expressed their views on various ideas for the property.

That all changed just before the Covid pandemic, when Disney finally released a plan for the property.

Disney Had a Big Plan (It Wasn’t a Water Park)

In 2018, Disney finally confirmed plans for the property and began cleaning up what was left of River Country. It cleared the land and said it plans to build a new hotel on the Bay Lake site, called Reflections – A Disney Lakeside Lodge.

Disney also shared artist renderings for the property.

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“The Reflection: A Disney Lakeside Lodge Resort has been announced as a luxury property designed to address Walt Disney’s love of the outdoors. Upon completion, this new hotel will feature more than 900 rooms as well as Disney Vacation Club villas in a variety of unique accommodation types,” reports Theme Park Tourist.

The pandemic put an end to those plans. It wasn’t a red flag, but now it looks like work has stalled and Disney canceled (or delayed) the project.

Disney spends cautiously

Disney has not commented on Reflections: A Disney Lakeside Lodge since the outbreak of Covid. The company is investing in its park to complement planned rides like Magic Kingdom’s Tron: Lightcycle Run and Epcot’s Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind, but hasn’t said whether it’s planning new rides. What does he do after seeing a list of . and attraction.

The Reflections hotel’s website has been cleaned up, but the project doesn’t appear to be making any progress at this time.

It does not confirm that the project will never happen, but it does clarify that it is not actively being worked on. Disney faces the challenge that it takes months and sometimes even a year to build a hotel. That means it must be built on the premise that it expects demand in the future where there is none now.

This is particularly challenging in the current economic climate. Disney hasn’t really noticed a slowdown in visitor numbers at its theme parks, but there may be one or more requests for lower-end resorts rather than upscale resorts.

The project will eventually be brought back, but it now remains a vacant lot that was once in the river country.



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