My Dress-Up Darling Marin figure with removable bikini is more than risque


Kitagawa Marin bikini body
ABsinthe Studios’ My Dress-Up Darling Marin figure is shocking in its level of detail. Credit: ABSinthe Studios

The anime My Dress-Up Darling is mostly popular with cosplay fans for its good story about falling in love, but it has a good reputation for fanservice, especially when it comes to the lead actress, Marin Kitagawa. Now, an upcoming character from My Dress-Up Darling Marin is making heads turn because not only does she have a detachable bikini like Barbie dolls do… she’s 100 percent anatomically correct!

The Marin Kitagawa character is among the emerging trends of daring anime collectibles that put our favorite characters in scandalous positions. There’s the SPY x FAMILY Yor Forger figure and the Attack On Titan Eren Yeager figure, which shows all about the characters’ bodies. The Eren character even took things up a titanic notch by depicting certain body parts as…towel racks.

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Similarly, ABsinthe Studios’ Marin character is sold for $220.99 for the standard version, which features Marin’s bikini outfit from the TV show and manga. Crafted from detailed acrylic, it is 1/6th scale and measures approximately 30cm including the base. The base itself is a glowing LED that spells LOVE in the background.

Things really get hot in the Advanced version of the Marin figure. Technically, the pack consists of two separate Marin statues. The Advanced version comes with two interchangeable head designs and a nude Marin figure body.

And yes, it’s very detailed, both above the waist and below. Just like Gojo when he first met Juju, you will picture smooth Hina dolls in your mind.

Nude figure by Marin Kitagawa
Keep in mind that the Advanced Marin figure also makes things go up. Get your thoughts out of the gutter; I’m talking about the price! The cost for Marin modeling her birthday suit cosplay for you is $298.99! Credit: ABSinthe Studios

You can purchase the Kitagawa Marin figure set from several websites including Favor GK. Some online stores may contain explicit images, so click carefully (prefer GK censors the sample images). Shops differ when it comes to payment and shipping options, so fans looking to take Marin home should look for the best deal or even add a companion figure to their order.

The release date of the Kitagawa Marin figure (which is subject to change) is Q4/Fall 2022. As such, the My Dress-Up Darling figure is currently pre-order only and will arrive sometime in Q4 2022 or Q1 2023 . Stay tuned in Remember this is a limited edition of only 198 figures. Once it’s sold out, it’s gone unless you can convince a collector to part with the Marin figurine in the future.

The Marin figure could end up looking like the fast-paced Attack On Titan Mikasa figure from previous years. It was so popular that it sold out and is now only available used at high prices.

Fans of ABsinthe Studios figures should check out the My Dress-Up Darling Marin School Uniform figure

Obviously, the Advanced Marin figure isn’t for everyone. Some might want the high level of detail of the standard fully clothed version of the My Dress-Up Darling figure without paying such a high price (and without having a Marin Kitagawa figure that’s embarrassing in public).

Fortunately, there is another option offered by ABsinth Studios. They have a Kitagawa Marin school uniform figure that is much more modest in both their clothing and price.

My Dress-Up Darling Kitagawa Marin figure
The Kitagawa Marin School Uniform figure features a traffic light base that fans will love. Credit: ABSinth Studios

For $127, it’s a 1/6th scale Marin figure that stands 13.5″ tall including the base. It is a limited edition of 198 pieces that is also available to pre-order. The release date is TBA.

If you don’t like the Marin character’s particular pose, there are several designs available from other companies such as Madou Studio ($146) and PRPR Studio ($95). Both designs feature Marin’s school uniform in addition to bases that are unique in design. These are also limited editions that are only available by pre-order.

Wait… Isn’t Marin Kitagawa under 18?!

What is striking about the nude Marin figure is not only the anatomically correct details, but the fact that she depicts an underage teenage girl! The My Dress-Up Darling anime and manga struggles with the same issue with all of the fanservice scenes, but this Marin character takes the controversy to a whole new level.

In the anime/manga series, Marin Kitagawa’s age at the beginning of the story is 15 years old. Such rom-com stories usually end just before high school, so by the time the story ends, Marin will be 18 at most.

And that’s why this Kitagawa-Marin figure isn’t officially licensed… let alone officially sanctioned! Fans shouldn’t fret about the mainstream figure companies, as in such cases they’re usually small businesses and may just be a single self-employed person using 3D modeling software and having the production of the figures sent to a resin company. / Garage kit company outsources in China.

Therefore also a limited figure. They take their money and run away before copyright infringement lawsuits hit them in court.

But it’s also not as if ABsinthe Studios is a company that will disappear into thin air. They are also working on a Dragon Ball Goku character where the character plays basketball. And, as mentioned earlier, there is the Kitagawa Marin school uniform.

What do you think of Marin from ABsinthe Studios? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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