NASA Says 2020 One Of Hottest Year On Record

According to latest reports from NASA, 2020 is one of the hottest years on record. Apart from 2020, 2016 was the other record that had similar numbers. The global average temperature was 1.84 degree Fahrenheit warmer than the mean global average for the period between 1951-1980.

The last seven years have been the warmest on record and this is indicating a dramatic warming trend across the globe. According to experts, the focus is on long-term trends. It is evident that the human impact on the climate has increased a lot in recent years. Considering this situation, scientists feel that such records will be broken in the near future.

NASA Says 2020 One Of Hottest Year On Record

Even though most people feel that climate effects do not impact them in a big way. They feel that it affects the overall climate and not their individual health in any manner. However, many people do not know that about 300,000 deaths are reported per year due to rising temperatures. It is interesting to note that people above the age of 65 are more affected due to the situation.

Apart from that, natural disasters are also another important factor that affects several nations in a big way. Apart from the environmental impact, there are also many other concerns associated with the economic impact. It is surprising to note that natural disasters caused losses to the tune of $210 billion across the world.

NASA Says 2020 One Of Hottest Year On Record

Even though there are a lot of innovations in the energy sector, there are still not enough resources around the world to handle the growing need for energy. There are several advantages of choosing renewable energies as the main source of energy. This can also help the nation to reduce the cost of energy production by a huge margin.

Even the US is likely to take giant steps in this regard under the Biden administration. It is expected that the emission standards may also be revised in the near future as Biden is focusing more on climate changes. The administration is planning to give a boost to renewable energy development projects so that the energy needs can be fulfilled in a natural way without depending on fossil fuels.

The recent wildfires in California and other regions of the US were due to changing environmental conditions across the country. Scientists are of the opinion that these incidents are not random and are directly linked to global warming. Apart from that, the recent increase in hurricanes is also due to global warming and the temperatures are rising at a rapid pace in the ocean leading to such hurricanes.

The recent wildfires caused a lot of damage to several properties in California and thousands of people lost their homes and other resources due to the fire. Apart from that, the state had to suffer bad weather conditions for many weeks due to the wild fire. Several power infrastructure went down due to the fire and it caused a lot of damage to the state.

Considering all these events, it is important to control global warming to the maximum possible extent. NASA has also indicated that rising temperatures in the Atlantic oceans fueled the record breaking hurricane season. This year, more than 12 storms made landfall in the US and most of them caused a lot of damage to the country.

If the economic impact of all these natural disasters are taken into consideration, it is more than the figure projected by official sources. Biden has said that there is not time to lose in terms of handling the threat of climate change in the future. He said that it is time to build a better nation and work on climate change.

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