Nationwide Covid-19 Surge Return The Mandatory Of Mask

Nationwide Covid-19 Surge Return The Mandatory Of Mask

As people were getting vaccinated, the guidelines of US Centres for Disease and Prevention removed restrictions on masks in May to bring back a normal environment. Now increasing cases and hospitalizations in the US make the masks a necessity once again. 

On Friday, Dr. Jerome Adams, Former US Surgeon General while talking to CNN’s Anderson Cooper said that the messages should be clarified precisely by the government to the citizens on surging Covid-19 infections.

He added that CDC had shown trust with the citizens to take proper safety measures but people are not doing their part well. People are socializing without masks. He also said that health officials have given their best possible advice to the people during the pre-delta period, although the delta variant is changing the situation rapidly.

Nationwide Covid-19 Surge Return The Mandatory Of Mask

According to CDC data, the delta variant is transmittable and menacing as compared to the previous variants of the virus. New coronavirus cases increased by 83%, unlike in early May when the cases were in negligible numbers.

As per the latest figures by John Hopkins University, the new cases exceed or match the previous weeks in all states at an average of seven days. 

According to the latest CDC data on Friday, the vaccination rate has become much slower as compared to the end of January. Health experts are repeatedly stressing about getting vaccinated because of its efficacy. 

Nationwide Covid-19 Surge Return The Mandatory Of Mask

Another data by CDC indicates that Alabama and Mississippi have less than 35% people fully vaccinated which is the lowest in the nation. Thirty states including these two still have half of their citizens to get fully vaccinated. 

The Governor of Alabama, Kay Ivey said to reporters in Birmingham that unvaccinated people were responsible for the rise in Covid-19 cases. She said that the unvaccinated citizens are letting the government down. 

On Thursday, CDC Director Rochelle Walensky said that the localities need to make their decisions precisely according to the number of cases in their area. If the number of cases is high in a particular area with a low vaccination rate and high delta spread, then masks should be made mandatory for the unvaccinated population.

With a rapid increase in the number of cases, many local and state leaders recommended wearing masks indoors even to vaccinated people. 

On May 13, the delta variant’s pervasiveness was 1.4% when CDC removed restrictions on masks for vaccinated people. However, the percentage increased to 56 and the figures continue to rise. This data was observed by health officials of Seattle and King County in Washington on Friday. Health Officer of Seattle and King County public health department, Dr. Jeffery Duchin said that the rising figures are disappointing. 

The officials in St. Louis, Missouri along with Los Angeles County have taken measures to mandate indoor masks in public places on Monday. They are the first to take such steps.

The statement was made from the mayor’s office that masks are mandatory for the age of five and above, this includes vaccinated people as well. People in bars and restaurants are an exception. 

Acting director of health, city of St. Louis Dr. Fredrick Echols said that they have lost over 500 citizens of the city, and if they don’t work together, then there will be a spike in cases and hospitalizations. Eric Schmitt, Missouri State Attorney General has opposed the decision of indoor masking and will be filing suit in court as he believes that the residents of  St.Louis and its county are free people and not some subjects. The statement was made by him on Monday on Twitter. 

Other officials are not in favor of indoor masking. Steve Adler, Austin Mayor of Texas said that he wished he could make masks mandatory to children and teachers and not end up in court. According to an Austin Public Health report, the daily average figures of hospitalizations have increased three-fold since July 4.

The new school year is coming and vaccines are only for children above 12. Therefore, few districts are planning to make masks mandatory during classes. These include, Boston Public Schools, Washington DC Public Schools, Wisconsin’s Madison Metropolitan School District have announced that marks are compulsory for students and staff in school buildings. Although, Texas and Iowa have prevented the officials from taking decisions regarding masks. 

California Department of Public Health tweeted that the school guidance will be clarified on mask enforcement and keeping students and teachers safe. 


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