New Infections In The US Are Up By 316% From The Last Labor Day

New infections in the US are up by 316% from the last labor day

The daily infection rate witnessed by the United States this wear is almost four times what was seen on the last labor day. An increase of 316% in several COVID cases is revealed as per the data from Johns Hopkins University. The daily death rates are also near to twice. 

New Infections In The US Are Up By 316% From The Last Labor Day

The highly contagious Delta Variant along with a swath of Americans refusing to take their dose of vaccination has caused a surge in the number of Covid cases. The hospitalization in the United States is up by 158% compared to last year.

New infections in the US are up by 316% from the last labor day

There is a shortage of beds and Intensive Care Units in several parts of the states. The unrest and pressure of the healthcare system of the country may compel the hospital authorities to take some crucial decisions affecting the life and death of the citizens.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the leading infectious disease expert recently said, while addressing the hospitals and medical care centers “You’re going to have to make some very tough choices.”  The COVID crisis has arrived in Mississippi, it is the state with the lowest vaccination rate at 38%.

The province is hard hit by the COVID infections such that at the University of Mississippi Medical Center the emergency room and ICUS are beyond capacity.

 Risa Moriarity, executive vice chair of the hospital’s emergency department says, “You leave work at the end of the day just exhausted by the effort it takes to (dig) that compassion up for people who are not taking care of themselves and the people around them,”

In the United States, the vaccination drives are in the full swing with people coming forward to take their shot of vaccination. The official total number of deaths from COVID infections has reached 650,000 a number which is hard to believe. 

In Florida, the percentage of excess death remains higher than in the rest of the country. The CDC is working on an equation to know the exact number of deaths due to COVID and not from COVID.  

According to estimates, the COVID pandemic has caused death due to some other reasons as well. It includes death due to mental illness caused due to pandemics, deaths due to improper or insufficient health care, lockdown risk factors, and much more. more. 

Dr. Ali Mokdad at IHME states, “Covid-19 will affect our mortality in many different ways.”. He also exerted on the fact that Delta Variant has relatively shown to move quickly. “The difference will state that they try to slow the disease and reach immunity through vaccination as opposed to rampant infection.”

CDC is continually working and tracking projects from IHME and other organizations to get the exact data. They aim to plot these projections on the graph together.

When asked about the IHME project, Dr. Anthony Fauci states, “What is going on now is both entirely predictable, but entirely preventable. We know we have the wherewithal with vaccines to turn this around.”


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