Newsom Shook Hands With Big Companies To Enforce Public Health System

Newsom Shook Hands With Big Companies To Enforce Public Health System

Gavin Newsom shook hands with the Tech companies of the Silicon Valley and major established Health care industries to fight against the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic unlike any other governor of America.

Newsom Shook Hands With Big Companies To Enforce Public Health System

At least around 30 big companies in the tech as well as the Health care fields came together to sign a no-bid government contract to help to carry funds and help in the health care of people who are in the battle with the pandemic against the coronavirus.

Newsom Shook Hands With Big Companies To Enforce Public Health System

The majority of the donors are associated with Newsom, who have contributed around 113 million dollars for the noble cause with various campaigns and charitable trusts combined.

For example, a software company salesforce situated in San Francisco donated around 93 million dollars which work in great coordination with Newsom and his team. Verily Life Sciences, which is a sister company of Google, got a no-bid contract stating them to donate for the expansion of the covid-19 testing process.

A 72 million dollar was later spent by the company. Optum Serve, which is the parent company, also joined hands to donate a missive 600 million dollars the national interest, joining hands with the UnitedHealth Group to assist the campaign and fight for a cause.

Newsom’s reliance on the private Silicon Valley companies, which also included health care companies, comes out of the expenses of California’s overtaxed and the system of public health, which is mostly underfunded.

The officials’ claim that Newsom had done most of the work of the government by contracting with the public sector health companies and tech companies and has doubted the ability of stets to deal with the current ongoing pandemic.

FlojauneCofer, who works at the Department of the health sector and a senior director at the public policy advocates, said that outsourcing has a weakening effect, and mainly the lack of investment in the public health system is weakening the situation.

Cofer claimed that these big tech companies will never work in the public interest and are obviously profit-driven. He added that we should not rely upon them completely and be aside and let them do all the works.

If the next time they don’t come up with the same approach and came with a business mindset, we will be under great pressure as we will completely rely on them, and they can easily make use of our needs. In contrast, we should look to strengthen the Health care system.

Kathleen, who is a senior secretory of Newsom, said that they are very proud of the step taken by the CEO for the public-private relationship, which will provide critical support to the people and the Health care system of California in the tough times of the pandemic.

Dr. Mark Ghaly, who works in State Health, says that private sector companies played a huge role in dealing with the deadly situation. He praised the step taken by Newsom. “The state’s contract with the Parent company has really helped to increase the test of covid-19 and helped for the sake of humanity”, he added.


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