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Tales of Demons and Gods is a Korean manhwa series that introduces the adventures of Nie Li to its readers. The protagonist has another chance in life and decides to become a cult leader. Until now, Nie Li has grown steadily, but his enemies never leave him alone. First Venerable Flameless and now Long Shuyun, it seems some want Nie Li dead while others want to exploit him. So, will Nie Li agree to marry Long Yuyin after this torture, or will he be able to escape this mess? So here is everything about Tales of Demons and Gods Chapter 379.

In the following chapter, Nie Li will delve deeper into Long Shuyun’s position in the Dragonseal family. It turns out that it won’t be easy for Long Yuyin to attain the position of patriarch. But will Nie Li agree to marry because of her? Read on to find out.

Tales of Demons and Gods Chapter 379

Tales of Demons and Gods Chapter 379: What will happen next?

Tales of Demons and Gods Chapter 379 will show if Nie Li agrees to marry Long Shuyun. He is determined not to break the master-disciple relationship, but the latter’s mother has something else in mind. She kept forcing Nie Li to marry her daughter, and now she has asked Long Shuyun to force Nie Li. However, Nie Li has tried to remedy this situation and in the next chapter he will surpass his plan.

It is likely that after coming to terms with Long Shuyun’s reasons, he will agree to marry her within the next five years. This may not go down well with Long Shuyun, but she may have no other option. On the other hand, Long Yuyin likes Nie Li, but will not force him into anything. Also, she appreciates him very much. Thus, the upcoming chapter will finally see an end to this chaotic situation that Nie Li has been stuck in.

Tales of Demons and Gods Chapter 379

Summary of the previous chapter!

Tales of Demons and Gods Chapter 378 begins with Xiao Yu Long interrupting Shuyun while she is torturing Nie Li. However, she played it off very well, pretending to be Nie Li’s sister. This prompted Xiao Yu to remark that Nie Li was dating Long Yuyin at the time. This upset Long Shuyun as she thought Nie Li was toying with her daughter. Further discussion brought Long Yuyin out of hiding. She tried to stop her mother.

On the other hand, Long Shuyun continued to torment Nie Li. She then asked Yuyin to bear his children. But she refused to do so. Unable to change Nie Li’s mind, Long Shuyun decided to take her to go with him. However, Nie Li stopped her and asked a few questions about her rank and authority. It turned out that it would actually be difficult for Long Yuyin to reach the position of patriarch. The final panel found Nie Li, who stated that the Divine Feathers Sect would not last more than 200 years.

Tales of Demons and Gods Chapter 379

Tales of Demons and Gods Chapter 379 Release Date

So, Tales of Demons and Gods Chapter 379 will be released on May 16, 2022. The text will be available on Webtoon, Naver and Kakaopage. So keep coming back to The Anime Daily for more updates.


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