Night Owls Or Morning Persons; Who Is At An Advantage When It Comes To Better Health

Night Owls Or Morning Persons; Who Is At An Advantage When It Comes To Better Health

How many of us do wake up naturally, and how many need several buzzing alarm clocks before they can leave their bed.

For those who can wake upon aurally in the early morning, it shows that their body is in sync with their daily schedule.

Night Owls Or Morning Persons; Who Is At An Advantage When It Comes To Better Health

As for the night owls, the sleep pattern can have a harsh impact on the mood and anxiety of the individual, as published on Monday in a new study in the journal Molecular Psychiatry.

Night Owls Or Morning Persons; Who Is At An Advantage When It Comes To Better Health

How the study worked:

The study was carried out based o data retrieved from wrist activity monitors that are worn by more than 85000 individuals who participated in the survey in the UK.

The study was taken up by UK BioBank, which is a storehouse of in-depth information on the genetics and health of more than half a million British nationals. 

The findings of the study indicated that those who exhibited inconsistent sleep patterns. A predominant trait observed among night owls were more susceptible to suffering from depression and anxiety.

Health problems faced by the night owls:

Persons who identify themselves as night owls often experience a variety of health and medical issues. These are the outcomes of being a night person in the wild dominated by morning persons.

Such health issues can disrupt the natural circadian rhythm of the body, stated to CNN by Kristen Knutson, a sleep specialist and associate professor of neurology and preventive medicine at the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine.

The sleep pattern of a person can also change naturally bovver the years as an individual progresses in their age, hence all morning persons may not feel innately happy to be waking up before sunrise.

What the experts say:

Dr. Neil Kline, a sleep physician and representative of the American Sleep Association, told USA TODAY that, usually, when a person advances in age, their sleep pattern progresses towards the earlier hours. 

Teenagers are more likely to fall in the group of night owls, whereas individuals belonging to the geriatric bracket are more likely to wake up earlier.

Factors that can disrupt the sleep cycle:

A disrupted sleep cycle is responsible for the majority of inadequate sleep complaints among people.

Certain factors that can induce the lack of sleep include not enough physical activity during the day, exercising or engaging in physical activities too close to bedtime at night, or even surprisingly an uncomfortable bed.

Some other reasons can be high blood sugar levels, hormonal imbalances, not having a proper meal before going to bed, so we often feel hungry while sleeping. 

Implications of sleep cycle on our health:

The findings of the study exhibited that there are serious implications associated with an altered internal body clock of a person.

The more the internal system of a person is skewed, the greater is the susceptibility to depression, as explained by Dr. Jessica Tyrell, an author of the particular study.

On the other hand, things are on the brighter side for the morning risers. 

As Tyrell explains to CNN, Those who are identified as morning risers have a much lower probability of developing depression, and they in general report overall good health. 

However, this, to some extent can be attributed to the fact that individuals who wake up early are less likely to experience social jet lag.

Social jet lag is defined as a condition where an individual has a different sleep pattern and routine on the weekends than what is being adhered to on the weekdays.

Kline is moreover of the opinion that a typical schedule of a person is what is to be followed regardless of how it is since a person can not perform at his highest capability when he deviates from his schedule. 

This is more evidently demonstrated in the case of jet lags that human beings are monitored by habit and routine.


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