The government Asked Non-Vaccinated Citizens Not To Travel For Labor Day

The government Asked Non-Vaccinated Citizens Not To Travel For Labor Day

With the spread of the contagious delta variant, the unvaccinated American population is now at higher risk of being infected. The medical experts are stating more danger in the upcoming days. As per the data presented by a CDC vaccine adviser, the hospitalization rate is 16 times larger in the unvaccinated population than in those vaccinated. Despite the severe risk, 38.6% of Americans in the age group of 12 and above are not yet fully vaccinated. It is a matter of concern quoted by CDC officials. 

The government Asked Non-Vaccinated Citizens Not To Travel For Labor Day

Seeing the surge in the covid-19 cases, the director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advised non vaccinated Americans not to travel during the Labor Day holiday weekend. At White House Covid 19 Response team briefing, CDC director Dr. Rochelle Walensky said, If you are not vaccinated completely we would not recommend you to travel for labor day. 

The government Asked Non-Vaccinated Citizens Not To Travel For Labor Day

Fully vaccinated can consider traveling, keeping in mind the covid risk and precautions against it. But nonvaccinated citizens are at high risk of the virus. 

It is worrying for the officials as many students are returning to schools for the new academic year. 

The US has an average of 160,000 new covid-19 cases per day. Children of age below 12 years do not have access to the vaccine. 50% of children of the age group 12-15 are vaccinated, with at least one dose, according to data published by the CDC.

The USA experienced an exponential increase in Covid-19 cases in children. Around 200,000 children tested Covid-19 positive in the last week, accounting for a five-fold increase. 

As per many medical experts, hospitals are in a dire situation, with 330 children admitted every day between August 20 and 26. Accounts for record hospitalization of new Covid -19 cases among children.

Hospitals are short of space, staff, and oxygen supply. Hospitals in Texas, Louisiana, Florida, and South Carolina are facing an acute shortage of Oxygen and might struggle more in the upcoming days. 

In Idaho, Gov. Brad Little said that the United States now has reached a point in the pandemic ” We have not seen before.” stressing multiple times the fact that the “vast majority” are unvaccinated. He also talked about his visit to an ICU ward ” Yesterday evening as I toured a nearly filled ICU wing in Boise. What I saw was heartbreaking. Some were young; two patients were middle-aged, two patients were pregnant. All of them were struggling to breathe.”

With cases on the rise and vaccination rates not very promising, the schools have to implement alternative measures to prevent infection spread under educational setups. 

Governor Kathy Hochul in New York is also planning to implement Covid 19 Tests on a weekly basis. These tests will be conducted for school staff who are yet to get vaccinated. Governor also said “ anyone who enters the building must get vaccinated first and undergo mandatory testing. As per her, we are in the process of getting complete legal clearance. 


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