Home News North Carolina Covid 19 Nurse Wins $1 Million Lottery

North Carolina Covid 19 Nurse Wins $1 Million Lottery


Terri Watkins, who works at the covid unit at a long term care facility, says that she was shocked to receive the phone call from the lottery company. She won a $1 million second-chance drawing. It is normal for lottery agencies to call or mail winners to inform them about the results. However, the nurse said that she initially thought that she was being scammed when she received the call.

Watkins won the lottery that had more than 513,000 participants in the state’s “Supreme Riches” second chance drawing. The North Carolina education lottery said that it was the fourth and final second-chance drawing for the scratch-off. According to the lottery’s website, the second-chance offers additional chances to win for people who buy certain tickets.

North Carolina Covid 19 Nurse Wins $1 Million Lottery

North Carolina Covid 19 Nurse Wins $1 Million Lottery

Watkins told the lottery that she was thankful after seeing some of the most difficult things in the recent past. She said that she felt blessed and had been praying for something to help her with the situation. The lottery reported that she had two options after winning the lottery. The first option was to take the one-time payment of $600,000, and the other option was to take the prize paid in annual installments of $50,000. She opted for the one-time payment and received $424,500 after taxes.

The nurse has still not planned what to do with the money after winning the lottery. Even though she loved to have a new home, she wanted to take the time to put the investment in the right place. It was exciting to see the nurse working in the covid ward win this lottery.

The North Carolina Education lottery contributes to education programs across the state, and it has contributed more than $709 million during the 2018-2019 school year across the state.

Across the country, Powerball has increased to $640 million, and Mega Million jackpots have increased to $750 million. They are among the largest prizes in US lottery history.



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