NSAID’s Do Not Result In Poor Covid-19 Outcomes

NSAID’s Do Not Result In Poor Covid-19 Outcomes

According to the latest observational analysis of around 72 thousand people living in the United States, which was published in the Lancet journal claimed that the use of non-steroidal inflammatory drugs commonly known as NSAID’s like ibuprofen does not cause the increment in the death rates of the patients hospitalized due to Covid-19.

NSAID’s Do Not Result In Poor Covid-19 Outcomes

NSAID’s is known as a common treatment for curing acute pain or any rheumatological diseases like rheumatoid, osteoarthrosis, and arthritis. In the starting months of the pandemic, this question was a burning topic and a big topic for debate worldwide that should these drugs be used for the treatment of patients suffering due to Covid-19, which urgently needed investigation to come to a conclusion.

NSAID’s Do Not Result In Poor Covid-19 Outcomes

The study of the ISARIC CCP-UK, which is known for the analysis of acute pain in respiratory disorders infection in the lungs under the protocols given by the United Kingdom, claimed that this study is the largest of its kind and claimed that the use of NSAID’s for the use in the treatment of Covid19 patient is completely safe and doctors can use it. 

In a study of around 30 percent of people (1279 out of 4211) who took NSAIDs prior the admission to the hospital died due to covid, which was similar to numbers who did not intake the drug. Dr. Ewen who is a lead author at the University of Edinburgh said that NSAID’s are used before the pandemic also for various uses like chronic diseases or severe cardiovascular diseases, and it was widely used all around the world. Many people rely on NSAIDs to carry out their day-to-day work without any harm or distress.

 When the pandemic, there were several questions regarding the use of such drugs. The doctors needed to be sure that these drugs should not have an adverse effect on the patient suffering from Covid-19 and the use of this drug is safe.

But now, we have clear indications and analytical answers that the use of such drugs is completely safe to use on the patients suffering from Covid-19. These researches gave assurance to the physicians and the doctors to use it effectively without any hesitation as they used to do before the pandemic outburst.

The study received data from the people who have been prescribed this drug around 14 to 15 days before getting admitted to the hospitals for treatment for the demographic information and critical analysis.

 The authors also noted the drawbacks of this study. Despite the fact that it is the largest study of its own kind in this issue, around 60 percent of the patients who were hospitalized in the United Kingdom did not include those who had severe Covid-19 infection.

Many people were not admitted in the hospitals, thus missing from the data and the information and analysis many also divert. This study was unable to claim that doctors should continue the use of NSAIDs while the patient is in the hospital due to such missing relevant data.


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