Nurse Who Fainted After Covid 19 Vaccine Had Health Condition


As the mass vaccination programs started across the country, several Frontline Healthcare workers received the shots on television and spoke to the media about their experience. This was done to highlight the safety of the vaccine so that it would instill confidence among the common public.

Nurse Who Fainted After Covid 19 Vaccine Had Health Condition

However, there was a video circulating that showed a nurse who fainted about 15 minutes after she received the covid-19 vaccine. The incident happened even as the nurse was speaking to the media about her experience of receiving the vaccine. She said she was feeling really dizzy and later fainted. The incident was caught on tape, and it went viral in no time, with many people claiming that she fainted due to the reaction to the vaccine. Many people expressed their doubts over the safety of the vaccine after watching the video clip.

Nurse Who Fainted After Covid 19 Vaccine Had Health Condition

Later on, it was revealed that the nurse had a health condition that caused her to faint, and she said that it had got nothing to do with the covid-19 vaccine. She said that the vaccine was safe, and it was her health condition that caused her to pass out.

The nurse explained that her underlying health condition causes her to faint when she experiences pain. She explained that she had a history of having an overactive vagus response, and she could just pass out when she experiences pain. She also added that she has probably passed out 6 times in the past six weeks, and it was common for her as she was dealing with the health condition.

Health experts are of the opinion that the reaction can happen very frequently with any vaccine, and there was no reason to suspect that it happened due to the vaccine. The vagus response is a natural phenomenon that happens in the body when the vagus nerve is stimulated by triggers like pain, stress, and fear. It can often lead to fainting, dizziness, and even cause nausea in some people. Many people suffer from such conditions, and this appears like a coincidence that she fainted after getting the vaccine.

As per the CDC reports, fainting can happen after many types of vaccinations, and it may be due to the temporary pain of the vaccine and may not be due to the ingredients of the vaccine.

Several other staff members who received the vaccine, along with the nurse who fainted, did not show any symptoms, and they were doing fine after taking the vaccine. Even the nurse who fainted after taking the vaccine said that she felt better later, and the pain in her arm was very minimal. Considering the reports given by health experts, there is no reason to believe that the vaccine caused her to faint.

Health experts say that reactions are common with all types of vaccines, and there is no need to believe that the covid-19 vaccine is unsafe just because of one or two incidents. The CDC is also expecting several such incidents from across the country as the mass vaccination programs have started this week. The clinical trials were done on a limited group of people, and only a proper mass vaccination program will reveal the different reactions and side effects of the vaccine.

According to the clinical trial data, the vaccine was found to be safe in more than 95% of cases, and most people did not experience severe side effects. However, some people experienced Side Effects that included lightheadedness, nausea, and headache. The side effects were not severe in a majority of cases, and they did not require any sort of medical attention. In most cases, the side effects would subside on their own after a few hours after taking the vaccine.


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