Opposition Against Covid-19 Vaccine Mandates Increases


The Biden administration is working in full swing to mandate vaccination throughout the United States.

A large number of companies and many states are imposing these vaccine mandates for citizens and employees.

Opposition Against Covid-19 Vaccine Mandates Increases.

Vaccine mandates are seen to be the only effective way to put the Covid-19 pandemic at an end.

Amidst this implementation of mandates, several Americans who are reluctant to take the jab seek religious or medical exemptions. 

Opposition Against Covid-19 Vaccine Mandates Increases.

Shane Vaughen, the Pentecostal church’s pastor, is helping spread an online movement that promotes personal faith as a way to ditch the Covid-19 vaccine mandate at workplaces.

The pastor posts online form letters for employees all around the United States seeking religious exemption. The web traffic on his website shows about 40,000 downloads of the form uploaded by the pastor. The letter-writing efforts by the religious leaders are working immensely under the reinforcement of legal advocacy groups like Liberty Counsel.

The Council says they have sent approximately 100 letters to various companies including, United Airlines and Tyson Foods vowing a lawsuit if the religious exemption was rejected improperly.   

The spokesperson for United Airlines says that they have received the letter, but it did not impact the company’s course of action as such. He added, ” about 2,000 of their 67,000 American employees have applied for either medical or religious exemptions.” 

Tyson Foods also stated that only a small number of more than 1,00,000 employees have applied for religious or medical exemptions. These companies have put a deadline for their employees to get vaccinated. The deadline ends on November 1.

The American employees are bound to get vaccinated. The mandate is imposed by the law. However, employees do have the right to apply for religious or medical exemptions. 

The rising number of applications for religious and medical exemptions gave rise to the need for regulators by employers. The employers now seek regulators to guide them in inspecting exemptions requests and keep them safe from lawsuits for wrongly denying the exemption requests.

Employment lawyers state that letters downloaded from the internet may indicate that the person’s religious beliefs are not sincere. On these grounds, the application can be denied but identifying such details is difficult for the employer.

Kimberly Harding, an employment lawyer, said, ” religious exemptions are dealt with rarely, and now suddenly we are dealing with them in large numbers. It makes their identification and proper scanning for authentication difficult.”

Temple University Health System, Philadelphia, usually received a small number of religious exemption applications for the annual flu shot. But the application number is now very high, with 180 out of 10,700 employees asking for the exemption from Covid-19 vaccination on religious grounds.

John Lasky, chief human resources officer for TUHS, says some of the applications include phrases that indicate coaching to the applicants. These phrases, however, cannot be treated as the only measure for rejecting the application. The determining factor for if the person gets the exemption or not is the ability of the person to communicate how his belief prevents him from taking the jab against the Covid-19 virus.


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