Organized Crime Fans’ Eyebrows Raised


A segment of Law & Order: Organized Crime fans are excited about the budding pairing between Malachi and Jet Slootmaekers (Ainsley Seiger), a fellow detective and hacker. The two recently shared a kiss that cemented them as the show’s best romance, according to NBC’s Today. Because of this, viewers were upset by a scene that took place during “Lost One.”

During the episode, Jet notes that Malachi has been aloof lately and apologizes for dying on his phone’s battery. Malachi had stated that he wanted a certain type of high-end sneaker, and towards the end of “Lost One” Jet arrives at his apartment with the shoes in tow. However, he refuses to answer the door and she ends up leaving the sneakers outside his door.

The pair’s fans were stunned by Malachi’s sudden coldness towards Jet. Redditor u/cfinboston was particularly puzzled by the scene’s ending, partially stating: “[t]Audiences definitely love them, so a happy ending would be popular with viewers. He wouldn’t even have to appear again, they could have just shown her handing him the sneakers and he pulls them in while kissing her and turning black.”

“Maybe there’s a bigger storyline for him?? Be blackmailed? Seriously ill? Working for the CIA, FBI, etc?” asked an equally confused u/Raven2002. Other fans including u/OGCucumber07 believe the couple is simply suffering from a case of misunderstanding early on in their dating. “I feel like they’re still just trying to figure out each other’s ‘language’,” suggested u/GlitteringCat5205. “Misunderstandings, that’s all,” agreed u/sweetpeapickle.

Fans will have to keep watching the series to find out if Malachi and Jet overcome their misunderstanding.

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