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Pandemic Displays Obesity Risk And The Weight Loss Challenge

According to health authorities, people suffering various health issues like diabetes and obesity are at a higher risk of getting ill severely due to coronavirus, this was being repeatedly announced and told since the last year.

Pandemic Displays Obesity Risk And The Weight Loss Challenge

Here’s an encouraging tale for you: it’s about a diabetic who also happens to be fat. Jennifer Bergin remained concerned about her health after learning that she, too, had high BP. Worrying wasn’t working for her, so she went on a three-hour walk every day and dropped 60 pounds.

Pandemic Displays Obesity Risk And The Weight Loss Challenge

She always thought that she won’t be able to recover if she gets affected by the coronavirus. Bergin is a resident of North Carolina. Her weight as of now is 170 pounds, which does not come under being obese, but she still considers improving herself as an integral part of life. 

Health authorities have been warning about the severe effect of coronavirus on people who’s diabetics and obese. Coronavirus added its name to the list of problems faced by obese people. 

 People across the world have either lost weight or gained weight during this pandemic. The severity of the problems made them do all of this. For some people, this pandemic and lockdown were all about watching Netflix and chilling, whereas, for people like Bergin, it was all about eating healthy and walking every day to be fit and healthy. There was also a set of people who just sat and eat at home while being all stressed. 

According to Karen H. Yeary who works at the Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center and is an obesity researcher stated that eating healthy demands a lot more effort than losing weight. Adding to the same list, Gaining weight usually occurs gradually over time, making it simpler to reject as a problem relating to health.

In the United States, one out of every four people is fat, and one out of every three is overweight. People are generally aimed at reducing weight only after a severe health concern, such as a cardiac arrest or a significant lifestyle change, according to Eric Plaisance who is an obesity researcher at the University of Alabama in Birmingham.

Although the epidemic brought attention to the dangers of obesity, he claims that people are already familiar with how hazardous being obese could be. Eric Plaisance was asked a question on what and how to do people lose weight, to which he reflected that it all depends on the life experiences of the people who are trying to lose weight. 

 Christian Hainds, Indiana resident, during the pandemic shed around 50 pounds and is no longer classified obese at 5 feet, 11″ tall, and 180 pounds. Christina, 42, and an Indian resident lost about 50 pounds throughout this outbreak and now, his no longer regarded obese. He roughly gained about 230 pounds, however later when he showed the symptoms of diabetes during the pandemic, he sensed the need for losing weight, the main reason behind this was the links between diabetes, obesity, and coronavirus.

After the development of a vaccine of coronavirus, people’s fear regarding obesity, diabetes, and corona started fading. The pandemic’s circumstances that made people lose their weight — extra time for lengthy walks, less dining out — are now dissipating.

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