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Pause On Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Gives More Time To Researchers, Announce Authorities

The pause on J&J’s single-dose vaccine gives more time to scientists. They will look into the link between the vaccine and the potentially serious blood clots. They would also study whether certain type of people are prone to this risk.

Pause On Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Gives More Time To Researchers, Announce Authorities

The CDC and FDA recommended a pause on the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. The recommendation came after six women reported a rare and serious blood clot after receiving the J&J shot.

Pause On Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Gives More Time To Researchers, Announce Authorities

The pause will remain in effect for a while. The advisory committee to the CDC did not take any action upon the recommendations it received. The agency says that it needs more information before it can do anything.

Instances of this rare complication upon receiving J&J’s single dose vaccine were reported among women. Experts are evaluating if certain types of people are more susceptible for these complications. It also will try to see if they should restrict certain people from receiving the J&J jab.

The authorities assured the general public that there exists no shortage of vaccines. And it will in no way disrupt the country’s vaccination drive. Johnson & Johnson vaccine supply is just a small portion of the vaccines the country is receiving. If America needs to obtain herd immunity, everyone needs to be vaccinated. Everyone will be eligible for the vaccine by the end of May, positively by June; assure health officials. They remind that six blood clots were reported among over 6.h million recipients. They also point out that this is one in a million.

All the patients who reported these symptoms were women in the age-range of 18-40. They began to experience the symptoms after 13 days of receiving the J&J vaccine.

The recommendation to pause administering the J & J vaccine comes out of the highest standards of safety. Officials repeatedly remind us that these cases are quite rare.

Now is the time to pause and try to understand if there is a connection between the J & J vaccine. They should also evaluate if certain types of people are at higher risk.

Experts are now concerned of the effect the pause will have in the general public. Millions of the countrymen are still reluctant to get the vaccine.

Experts want people to have the following perspective:

The vaccines are reliable and safe. The possibility is that you will likely die from coronavirus infections. Death from vaccination seldom happens.

The news comes at a tough time for the country. Health officials here race against the clock to vaccinate as many people as possible. New variants of the virus are spreading fast. The number of hospitalizations and deaths is on the rise. The concerning situation is that the new variants are affecting youngsters who have not yet received the jab.

The pause shows the government’s commitment towards safety. It is ready to investigate the same even when such instances are rare.

According to health officials, there exists no reason to believe that there are many such cases. Even then, the pause will give officials the time they need to look into the matter. The public should perceive this pause as the authorities’ commitment towards ensuring their safety; experts repeat.

This is just a pause, not a cancellation.

Health officials are still confident of the efficacy of the vaccines. And the recommendation for pause is just a safety measure; a time for researchers to evaluate the rare cases.

Scientists quote two reasons to recommend a pause of the J&J vaccine. One is to investigate the possible link between the vaccine and the rare type of blood clots. The other is to request help from the medical fraternity. With them, the health sector will be warned of the symptoms they should be concerned about. And the pause is not something new. It happens from time to time for every new vaccine or drug.

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