Pence disagree With Invoking 25th Amendment Against Trump


Democrats have repeatedly asked Mike Pence and members of the cabinet to invoke the 25th amendment against President Donald Trump. If the 25th amendment is invoked, it would immediately remove Donald Trump from office and make the vice president as the acting president. The Democrats decided to use this option after Trump was involved in provoking his supporters to attack the US Capitol recently.

However, Mike Pence said that he is not in favor of this move as the president has only one week left in his term, and invoking the 25th amendment is not a good move for the country. He added that it was not consistent with the constitution and also not in the best interest of the country to invoke such measures at this moment. He said that he did not yield to pressure to use his power beyond the constitutional authority to alter the outcome of the election. In the same manner, he will not yield to the efforts of the house of representatives to play political games at this stage.

Pence disagree With Invoking 25th Amendment Against Trump

He pointed out that the 25th amendment was designed to address the incapacity or disability of a President. He also reminded the speaker that she had previously said that the amendment should not be used to punish a President for a comment or actions. On the other hand, it should be based on medical determination. He added that using the 25th amendment in this manner would set a terrible precedent, and this was not in the best interest of the country.

Pence disagree With Invoking 25th Amendment Against Trump

He said that invoking the 25th amendment would further divide the country and hurt the sentiments of several people. He addressed the speaker and said that it was time to work together to unite the country and prepare to inaugurate the newly elected government in the next week.

Donald Trump had faced a lot of Criticism from several leaders across the country for his comments during the recent US Capitol riots. It became evident that Trump was instrumental in provoking his supporters to hold rallies and also indulge in violent acts to protest against the electoral process.

Even Republican leaders felt that this was a disgrace on the part of the President to indulge in such acts to incite violence at the US Capitol. The incident left five people, including a police officer, dead due to the riots. The entire world was shocked to see the state of affairs at the US Capitol. Many world leaders also criticized the way political developments were shaping up in the US. This was undoubtedly a black mark on the US democracy that had never seen such attacks on the US Capitol in many years. Several people said that this was similar to domestic terrorism, and the rioters should be treated on par with terrorists.

Several social media companies banned Donald Trump as they felt that he was using the platforms to incite violence across the country. Democratic leaders were also critical of the actions of Trump and wanted to throw him out of office by invoking the 25th amendment.

Political analysts feel that the democratic leaders also have another advantage of invoking the 25th amendment at this stage. Even though they will not get enough time to bring the amendment to a conclusion, this will be more than enough to avoid Trump to contest the next elections. This will be a huge advantage for the democrats in the next elections, and they want to take advantage of this situation.

However, Mike Pence has declined to support the measures, and it is unlikely to go further, considering the shortage of time. With only a week left for the incoming president to take charge of the office, the efforts of the democrats to invoke the 25th amendment will not be successful.


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