Pentagon Authorizes 25000 National Guard Members For Inauguration


Security agencies are making all arrangements for Joe Biden’s inauguration on Jan 20. The Pentagon has authorised upto 25000 national guard members for the inauguration event.

Several law enforcement agencies in the nation’s capital are expecting some violent activities from rioters after the recent riots at the US Capitol. The FBI has also indicated that they have intelligence reports regarding armed protests being planned at several state capitals and also in Washington in the next few days.

Pentagon Authorizes 25000 National Guard Members For Inauguration

According to the defense department, the national guard members will be armed, as they are supporting US Capitol security in Washington. The officials said that the federal authorities requested for such facilities considering the recent violence at the US Capitol.

Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser has urged people to avoid visiting the city during the inauguration event. She highlighted her concerns about the possible violent acts in the next few days.

Pentagon Authorizes 25000 National Guard Members For Inauguration

Bowser added that she was concerned about armed riots during the inauguration and requested for additional security from the federal government. The Secret Service is handling the overall security for the event and they have taken charge a week ahead of the inauguration event. The agency has begun its preparations ahead of schedule considering the threats coming from different sources for the event.

According to sources, law enforcement is working on a large amount of surveillance and monitoring phones and other communication devices to track troublemakers. In this way, the authorities want to restrict such people from traveling to Washington during the event.

Federal authorities have so far tracked dozens of potential troublemakers who may be headed towards Washington around the inauguration week. The agencies are coordinating with one another to share the intelligence regarding the threats for the event. Even the local police department is involved in providing support to the FBI and other security agencies.

Security agencies have said that they have specific concerns about vehicles that could be used to breach the security during the inauguration event. The transfer of power along with the swearing-in ceremony is scheduled on January 20.

The recent riots at the US Capitol has heightened the threats for the event and many agencies are worried that several armed protests are likely to happen around the event in several cities of the US.

During the recent capitol riots, several police officers were injured and one of them succumbed to injuries at the hospital a day after the riots. Several riots managed to breach the security at the US capitol and they damaged the furniture and other assets at the building. A woman rioter was shot dead during the riots inside the capitol building by the police department.

Trump played a critical role in instigating the riots as he asked his followers to assemble in large numbers for challenging the election outcome. Even when congress was counting the electoral votes and working on the certification process, Trump posted several instigating messages on social media platforms and asked his followers to take charge of the situation. Several rioters managed to enter the building and this incident caused a lot of embarrassment to the entire nation.

Many world leaders also criticized the event as the US democracy is seen as a role model for other countries. In this situation, the recent events at the US capitol has brought a lot of disgrace to the entire nation. Many people are saying that this is a black mark on US democracy.

Considering the obvious threats for the inauguration event, security forces do not want to take any chances and increased the number of National Guards for the event.


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