Study: Pfizer Vaccine Is Effective Against Brazilian COVID Variant

Pfizer Vaccine Is Effective Against Brazilian COVID Variant

A new study found that the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine, one of the two initially authorized vaccines in the U.S is highly effective against the highly contagious strain of the coronavirus which was first detected in Brazil. 

Pfizer Vaccine Is Effective Against Brazilian COVID Variant

It was in early January, the strain, known as P. 1, was identified from Brazil. Later on, its spread was rapid and various other parts of the world also have reported cases with this particular variant. The findings of the study were published in The New England Journal of Medicine. Early reports suggested that the variant is highly resistant to vaccines.

Pfizer Vaccine Is Effective Against Brazilian COVID Variant

Experts also found out that there is a higher chance for this variant to reinfect people who have already recovered COVID-19. 

However, the new report brings in a hope that the accelerated vaccination efforts will put an end to this disastrous period. 

The U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s data showed that there have been 15 cases reported of the Brazilian variant across the nine states of the country. Health officials also warned people that the presence of different highly transmissible variants is a threat that eventually results in another surge in cases of both hospitalizations and new infections. 

As the states across the country have started to lift the restrictions and rules regarding the spread of the coronavirus, the situation will become quite menacing. 

The variants which currently raise danger to the U.S are those which were first detected in the U.K as well as South Africa, apart from the Brazilian strain. Both Moderna and Pfizer vaccines have started their efforts to upgrade their vaccine to make them potentially sufficient enough to defeat them. 

The scarcity of the vaccine doses is about to be shifted to abundance as the country will receive more and supply of the inventory. But at the same time experts said that if there is an excess of supply, more and more people need to be vaccinated sooner according to the availability of doses otherwise there will be a stagnating surplus which could ruin the country’s efforts to surpass the pandemic. 

Andy Slavitt, the senior advisor of the White House COVID-19 Response Team, said that the inoculation is not a switch that flips, but a sliding scale that happens varies in communities. He also added that it is not something that starts at some magical day in the future. It has started today and it is important to ensure that it is addressed appropriately. 

Before the medical experts noticed the possibility of mutations in the coronavirus, they were completely free of worries. Most of them were not aware of the ability of the virus to evolve and form different highly transmissible variants of it. 

But it was soon after the fall, many parts of the world started to report the presence of the mutated versions of the coronavirus.

The current focus of health experts is on the trajectory of the pandemic and these variants of the virus. The majority of them were afraid that these strains would reverse the progress which was made as of today on measures to wipe out the pandemic from the world. 


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