Policy Shifts Likely To Happen Under Biden Presidency

As democrats now have control of both chambers of Congress along with the White House, many people are expecting several policy changes from the Biden Presidency. This is the first time in a decade that the democrats are having complete control over the administration.

Biden has made it clear that his top priority will include reversing some of the policies implemented by the Trump Administration and also take aggressive action towards handling the covid-19 pandemic.

Policy Shifts Likely To Happen Under Biden Presidency

Even though the democrats have control over the Senate, they still require the support of at least 10 Republican votes in order to advance legislation in the near future. Considering this situation, the administration is likely to implement proposals that are likely to pass the democratic controlled house in an easy manner.

Political analysts are expecting several policy shifts to come in the next few months. Biden has always insisted that his team will focus on aggressively handling the coronavirus pandemic which was down played by the Trump administration in the last few months. Getting the pandemic under control will be the top priority for the new administration apart from supporting millions of Americans who are suffering due to economic challenges due to the pandemic.

Policy Shifts Likely To Happen Under Biden Presidency

The administration is also likely to impose a mask mandate at least for the next few months till the number of cases reduces by a significant margin. Even if the government is not able to impose a mask mandate for citizens as a whole, they are likely to make it mandatory wherever possible and focus on implementing such mandates for Federal employees. The incoming team also said that they have set a target to vaccinate hundred million Americans in the next hundred days.

Apart from that, Biden has also introduced a $1.9 trillion spending package in order to boost the distribution of vaccines and provide economic relief at the earliest. About $20 billion is allocated for the national vaccination program and this is likely to help the public health department to vaccinate more number of people within a short duration of time.

Apart from that, the administration also plans to provide $1400 additional stimulus checks and expand unemployment insurance supplements to $400 per week for millions of Americans. This move has been opposed by some republicans in Congress and they are of the opinion that the plan is too expensive for the administration.

As the covid-19 pandemic has resulted in huge job losses across the country, millions of Americans are facing uncertainty with regards to their housing security. The incoming administration is planning to provide financial relief for those who are at risk of losing their homes due to the pandemic. The administration is also planning to approve $30 billion in rental assistance to stop mass evictions across the country.

During the Trump administration, nearly 100 environmental rollbacks happened and this loosened a lot of regulations related to climate change. Incoming administration is of the opinion that climate change is an existential threat to the health and survival of the planet. In this regard the incoming administration plans to reverse some of the policies of the Trump administration.

Apart from that, the US is likely to rejoin the Paris agreement in the near future in order to coordinate with other countries to fight the impact of Climate Change across the world. The goal of the incoming administration includes 100% Clean Energy by 2035. Several experts in the industry are of the opinion that this is an ambitious target and the administration needs to have more short-term targets in order to make it practical and feasible. The new administration is also likely to shift the federal fleet of vehicles from gas to electric in the near future.

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