Political Updates: House Impeaches Trump For Second Time

The house of representatives voted to impeach President Donald Trump for the second time. The interesting thing about the impeachment was that few republican leaders also supported the move and agreed that Trump incited violence at the US Capitol last week.

After a lot of argument over the issue, 232 members of Congress voted in favour of the impeachment and 197 voted against. The article of impeachment was recently debated in congress after the US Capitol riots on Jan 6th. It was evident that Trump had asked his supporters to protest against the counting of electoral college votes by Congress on Jan 6th. The incident left five people, including a police officer died due to the riots.

House Impeaches Trump For Second Time

The article of impeachment alleges that the president spread false information about the election and incited riots at the US Capitol.

This is a second impeachment of the president, and the first one was in 2019. However, the Republicans were united in opposing the first impeachment during that time. On the other hand, about 10 republicans decided to support the impeachment of the president in this incident.

House Impeaches Trump For Second Time

Several members were of the opinion that the president asked his followers to assemble at the US Capitol and provoked them to indulge in violent acts to protest against the certification process.

One of the congressmen said that she was not some irresponsible new member of Congress and it is impossible to come to terms with the actions of the president.

While few Republicans decided to support the impeachment, they were severely criticized by other republicans and asked them to step down for not showing their support to the president.

Republicans who decided to support the impeachment argued that there was a domestic treat at the door of the US Capitol last week and the president did nothing to stop it. The actions of Trump clearly indicated that he supported the riots by asking his followers to assemble at the US Capitol and protest against the counting of electoral votes by congress. This came after several attempts of the president failed with regards to challenging the election outcome. The Trump campaign lost nearly 60 lawsuits in the last few months as they were not able to provide any evidence with regards to their allegations of voter fraud during the US Presidential elections.

Not all Republicans were present during the impeachment, and four of them decided to skip the vote. The four house republicans who skipped the impeachment vote give personal reasons for not attending the event.

Even though most of the republicans opposed the impeachment, they were also critical of the actions of the president. However, they argued that removing Trump from office at this moment would further divide the country and lead to more violence.

Some leaders acknowledged that Trump was responsible for the riots but impeaching him in such a short time would be a mistake for the country. Others said Trump should have immediately asked his followers to come down and send them back during the protests. This would have avoided the riots and an embarrassing situation to the entire country.

Some Republican leaders suggested that Congress should create a Commission to study the incidents of last week instead of impeaching Trump. They said that it is similar to commissions that were created to analyze the 9/11 terrorism attacks and such measures would help the country to prevent attacks on the capitol in future.

Democratic leaders, however, argued that it would not take a long inquiry this time as there was enough evidence to show that Trump incited the crowd to act in a violent manner during the US Capital rates. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that Trump must go back immediately as he was a clear danger to the country.

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