Pollens And Allergens: During The Times Of Covid

Pollens And Allergens: During The Times Of Covid

Readers, are you aware that severe allergies are caused due to pollen grains? Read here in detail. Pollens are yellow powdery substances present on flowers, they are responsible for the process of pollination. In return to the process of pollination, flowers wither off, and delicious fruits emergence. During the process of pollination, the wind is a major factor. Pollens are lightweight and are easily carried by the wind. 

Pollens And Allergens: During The Times Of Covid

This results in contamination of the air with pollen grain. Most people do not show any reaction to these pollens but some people are allergic to these yellow powder-like pollens.

Pollens And Allergens: During The Times Of Covid

Allergic individuals show severe reactions towards the pollen grain. The symptoms may be watery eyes, sneezing, and red eyes etcetera. The fall season is ending and spring is approaching. This is the most appropriate time for new flowers to bloom and for the process of pollination to occur. So, new cases of pollen allergies are set to rise. Not everyone is fascinated by the blooming of flowers due to the allergic repercussions.

But the new addition of severity for pollen allergies is making the situation even worse. It has been proved in several studies that pollen allergies can make way for viral diseases, not to forget Covid-19. These studies were conducted when the coronavirus disease had newly emerged, that is, during the initial days of 2020. The study was conducted on a very large scale with more than 31 countries showing active participation.

This raises concerns not only for the allergic individual but also for the people who are not allergic to pollen grains. 

Certain factors that affect the process of pollination are temperature and humidity. People can fall sick due to viral conditions and most frequently for Covid-19 if all the factors are favorable. Experts also claimed that the worldwide lockdown helped deal with the rising infections due to pollen. With this, it was proved that pollen grains are one of the main reasons for any kind of nasal agitation and it can make you fall prey to the evil of these times.

The main question here should be how does pollen contribute to the ongoing pandemic? The answer to this question is quite simple. It has been found in multiple studies that pollen grains significantly reduce the human immune response. Our immunity protects us from any pathogenic agents but if that is under threat we become even more vulnerable.

People need to understand that this is a serious issue and appropriate precautions need to be taken for their protection and safety. Here are some of the precautions individuals need to take for caution: You can repeatedly check the pollen count using different devices and apps if the pollen count is high on those days try and stay indoors, usage of coverings like masks for physical protection when you step out of your houses. Masks will serve dual protection from the covid virus as well as pollen grains.

The American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology has supported these studies of the Technical University of Munich. When the pollen grains are less they contaminate the environment the least and that results in fewer cases of viral infection, the Academy exclaimed.

These are the most uncertain times and discoveries are adding up to these crucial times. Due to global environmental changes the pollen seasons are lasting for a longer duration. The spring season is starting before the scheduled time and eventually, it will last for 2-3 months.

All these factors are making the situation worrisome but with the necessary precautions, it can all be controlled.


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