Pregnancy Highly Raises The Possibilities For Kidney Stones


Most likely, kidney stones might arise in everybody. However, currently, the latest study verifies that a pregnant lady has more possibilities of developing kidney stones. According to previous research, multiple pregnancy-related transformations can constitute to development of kidney stones.

Pregnancy Highly Raises The Possibilities For Kidney Stones

To verify the study, the Mayo Clinic team evaluated the medical reports of about 3000 women between 1984-2012, which involved 945 women who had faced symptoms of kidney stones. The analysts derived that pregnancy highly increases the chances of a first-time symptomatic kidney stone. The risk of which is highest during the time of delivery and then reduces over one year post-delivery.

Pregnancy Highly Raises The Possibilities For Kidney Stones

As per the study disclosed on 15 April in the American Journal Of Kidney Diseases, there remains a little risk beyond 1-year post-delivery. According to the study authors, the most common reason for non-obstetric hospital admission amongst pregnant women is Symptomatic kidney stones.

Dr. Andrew Rule, a Nephrologist, said that “We were not aware of the fact that there are still chances and risk of kidney stones formation for near about one-year post-delivery. There persisted a slightly incremented possibility of kidney stone formation beyond one year post-delivery. This depicts that most of the kidney stones formation that happens amid pregnancy is recognized earlier by painful passage. While some might remain constant undetected in the kidney for a longer period resulting in an agonizing passage”.

“During pregnancy, kidney stones may lead to major complications like Urinary tract infections along with pregnancy loss as well. Also, kidney stone medication amid pregnancy can be critical enough”, said Dr Rule.

Dr Charat Thongprayoon, a Nephrologist, said that “Amid pregnancy, even a single kidney stone might constitute to severe complications. The outcomes of this analysis imply that counselling before delivery about kidney stones might be warranted, primarily for women including multiple other risk factors namely Obesity”. 

Prevention: What specialists say?

Typical recommendations for preventing kidney stones constitute high fluid consumption and a diet that includes low salt. Specialists of Mayo Clinic also suggest that intake of 1000 milligram of calcium is essential for a pregnant woman per day from food sources like dairy products rather than supplements of calcium.

Causes and Symptoms of Kidney Stone formation:

In any circumstance, kidney stones are always painful. However, having kidney stones amid pregnancy is even more painful. Primarily, dehydration is the most common cause of kidney stone formation. They are also formed if urine constitutes a high proportion of calcium and uric acid. Foods such as Spinach and Beetroot are rich in Oxalate, which can also be a factor in their formation. Oxalate-rich foods shall be consumed as little as possible during pregnancy.

Few symptoms that can deduce the possibility of having a kidney stone are severe pain while urinating, blood in the urine, severe pain in the back, urinating frequently, and fever. Complications amid pregnancy may constitute gestational diabetes and preterm delivery. 

Treatment of small kidney stones is not as critical as that of large ones. Small stones can be passed through urine by hydrating oneself enough daily. Large rocks can be removed through surgery. In a pregnant lady, sound wave lithography technology breaks the stones as routine surgery can harm the baby.


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