President To Open Health Insurance Marketplace, A No-No On Trump’s Bills On Abortion


The 46th President of the United States, Joe Biden, had taken a step back from the bills passed by his predecessor, Donald Trump, and has reopened the Health Insurance Marketplace through during this ongoing pandemic of COVID-19. He has also objected to the restrictions on abortion-related issues as laid by the previous President, Donald Trump. 

On Thursday, the President of the US has delivered remarks on the restrictions imposed on abortion-related funds by the previous government and has hinted to the reinstation of the portal for all Americans from the White House Oval Office. 

President To Open Health Insurance Marketplace, A No-No On Trump’s Bills On Abortion

The president has already given his signature on the executive order this Thursday, which orders the initiation of a special period of enrollment for this proposed health insurance marketplace. This health insurance is perceived to offer milli

ons of uninsured American citizens with a secure passage in getting financial coverage amidst this havoc of a pandemic. 

Previously, the Republican president, Donald Trump, had declined the proposal of opening a special period of enrollment for the Health Insurance Marketplace under the aegis of the Affordable Care Act. Lawmakers as well as insurers have been advocating for this marketplace to counter the COVID-19 pandemic. 

President To Open Health Insurance Marketplace, A No-No On Trump’s Bills On Abortion

Apart from health insurance marketplace, Joe Biden has also decided to revoke the restrictions which barred the nonprofit organizations from performing or promoting abortions by choking the flow of funds from the US government by the Trump government. Biden has promoted the cause of empowerment and, thus, has decided to put off this law for good. 

Biden has stated that the Democratic government upholds its values and opinions and is not doing anything new but to reinstate the way America was before Trump got his presidential power. As approved by him, the health insurance marketplace, is supposed to go on air from 15th February this year through May 15th. This would create an opportunity for the Americans to sign up for a health insurance plan or change the same during a special insurance enrollment period. 

As per the analysis published by the Kaiser Family Foundation, near about 8.9 million uninsured Americans would be able to get affordable or free financial coverage in the marketplace. Moreover, amongst these 8.9 million people, 4 million could receive the bronze plan. They may also receive a plan with a much lower monthly premium to abide by. Plus, 4.9 million Americans would get a plan associated with subsidies which would, in turn, cover their health-related costs partially. The Foundation has also estimated that around 2 to 3 million Americans might have lost their coverage sponsored by employers between last year’s March and September. 

On Wednesday, the data revealed that around 60% of the 15 million uninsured people in the US could opt for plans from the marketplace as they would be eligible for reduced-cost or free financial coverage. However, this mass would exclude the immigrants who lack the required legal documents, and those who are eligible for Medicare and Medicaid. People who are eligible for the free marketplace plans would include the unemployed people, Hispanic, part-time workers, high school pupils, rural citizens, etc. Most of these masses reside in the states of Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and Texas. 

Biden has made his stand with the cause for American women by stating that he would rescind the rules that had violated the access of women in their health rights. He has also said that the current scenario of COVID-19 pandemic makes it even more needed to prepare a proper healthcare system for every civilians of the United States of America. 


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