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Prevent Using Hand Dryers In Public Bathrooms

Prevent Using Hand Dryers In Public Bathrooms

From the last year, March 2020 covid-19 pandemic is going on. The virus is being affected and transmitted easily through the air and by simply touching the surfaces, which eventually enters the body by nose, mouth, and eyes. WHO has stated various prevention measures, one of the most important is a washing of hands in every 20 minutes with a good soap or use an alcohol-based sanitiser.

Prevent Using Hand Dryers In Public Bathrooms

The transmission of germs and viruses occur mainly via hands to face which leads to infection, not only in pandemic situations but in everyday life hand washing is the most effective way to remove germs and bacteria. As infection is at its peak, the government started the sanitation process in all the public areas, including all stations, public gatherings, even gas and petrol stations, working offices, schools, colleges, and medical institutions. By making all the efforts, the virus is still spreading.

Prevent Using Hand Dryers In Public Bathrooms

According to reports, there is a high number of positive cases occurred from using public restrooms and bathrooms. When a person is using the public washroom after washing the hands, they have mainly two options to dry their hands first by using paper towels and tissues or by using hand dryers and like another normal human being he tries to make the work fast choose and eventually, we choose hand dryers.

These are the machine that blows warm air downwards towards your hand, and in a matter of seconds, your hands will be dried. Still, the critical point is missed by people that this blow dryer machine absorbs air from the environment in bathrooms with all that germs and bacteria, and viruses and shoots directly into your hands and even the air go to the clothes which eventually transmitted the viruses, and germs.

Some volunteers experimented to determine which the most effective method for the public is, whether it is paper towels/tissues or hand dryers. The volunteers first choose and touch the commonly used places and surface, and then wash the hands. Then some of them use a paper towel and some of them uses hand dryers while wearing the apron to test if any contamination was spread to the clothes are not, as result, is they found out that by using hand dryers the spreading of germs and viruses is in the fatal rate as compared to the paper towels.

After using and touching familiar places and surfaces, the germs and bacterial rate is ten times higher than after washing hands and using paper towels. When using paper towels, less air movement is there, and as a result, it doesn’t give extra germs from the environment to the body. In the case of hand dryers, there is more air movement which spreads the germs and viruses more rapidly.

To prevent all these situations, it’s advised and issued in the public interest to decrease public bathroom usage and, if used, use only paper tissues to dry the hands and try not to touch surfaces unnecessarily. There are two more benefits of using paper towels -their cost-benefit and environmentally friendly.



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