Prez Biden Finalizes Deal For 200 Million With Pfizer And Moderna

The Biden administration has finalized the Covid vaccine deal with Moderna and Pfizer for worth $200 million. The number of vaccine doses through this deal should be more than enough to vaccinate almost every American.

During his visit to the National Institute of Health, Prez Biden said that the final contract was signed on Thursday afternoon. As per the recent deal, 100 million doses will be received from Moderna and the remaining 100 million doses will be received from Pfizer and BioNTech.

Prez Biden Finalizes Deal For 200 Million With Pfizer And Moderna

As per information provided by President Biden, he has directed the federal administration to secure extra doses on top of the 400 million doses already ordered in the Trump administration. With the addition of  new orders, the United States will have more than enough supply to vaccinate more than 300 million people with at least two-doses of vaccines.

Prez Biden Finalizes Deal For 200 Million With Pfizer And Moderna

Even with the current information provided by the Biden administration, it is still unclear when everyone who wants to get the vaccination will be able to get them. There are logistical challenges associated with the administration of vaccines. While speaking to media personnelles, president Biden said that Moderna as well as Pfizer were speeding up the process of vaccine delivery. Almost 100 million doses will be delivered by the end of May 2021. But the additional 200 million doses won’t be available before July.

As remarked by Prez Biden, we are not in a position where the corona vaccine can be available for everyone by the end of summer. All this information was provided by President Biden when he went for a tour to the NIH labs. Thus the president advised people to take necessary steps so that the spread of vaccines can be prevented.

As per an official from White House, the federal government expects to get a total dose of almost 600 million by the end of July but the vaccine may take a bit longer to reach patients. As per the official information, the White House hasn’t given a particular timeline for the complete vaccination process, other than the goal of 100 million shots.

So, within the 100 days of President Biden’s office, American people are getting a confirmation for 100 million doses.

Federal administration is working day and night to speed up the process of vaccine supply. Infact, as per the recently released data, the distribution for vaccines has increased by 28% since the day of inauguration. As per a comment made by the Biden administration, slow rollout during the tenure of ex-president Trump made the process slower. Infact, when Prez Biden took over the office, he was under the impression that the US had more vaccines. But, this was certainly not the reality.

President Biden opined that when he entered the office three weeks ago, the ex-president had no genuine plan to vaccine people. Everything was in a big mess and it takes time to clear the mess created by the ex-president. As per an official confirmation by The Center for Disease Control and Prevention, almost 33 million first doses for vaccines have been administered till date and almost 10 million people have received all doses.

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