Product eClass Reviews (Jason Fladlien) Special eLearning Online Business Training?

Product eClass has launched a special online offer to help you tap into the soon-to-be $325 billion eLearning industry.

By signing up for the online offer today, you can discover the risk-free methods you can use to make money online by selling information.

Is Product eClass legit? How does Product eClass work? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about Product eClass’s new special offer today in our review.

What is Product eClass?

Product eClass is an online training program created by Jason Fladlien.

Jason famously turned a $4 information product into a 9-figure information business. Now, he wants to teach others how to enjoy similar success online.

The eLearning industry is exploding. In fact, recent research suggests it’s growing into a $325 billion industry.

By signing up for Product eClass today, you can discover proven strategies you can use to launch your own eLearning business. Jason has launched a free presentation to help you learn more about Product eClass. Or, you can sign up Product eClass to get instant access to the program and all included materials.

What Will You Learn in Product eClass?

The goal of Product eClass is to teach anyone how to sell their own information products online.

Jason specializes in building and selling courses online. He packages information into slideshows, guides, and presentations. Then, he sells access to those courses for a price. He has used this system to create a 9-figure business for himself.

In Product eClass, you get the templates Jason has used to grow a successful business. You can discover the strategies he has used to find the ideal niches. You even get done-for-you sales funnels, pre-made eLearning templates, and all of the other materials you need to succeed online.

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Product eClass Session Guide: Sessions 0 to 6

The core of Product eClass is 7 sessions of content. Across these seven sessions, Jason teaches you how to identify a niche, create information products in that niche, market that product to potential customers, and scale your business for maximum results.

Here’s what you’ll learn in each of the seven training sessions:

Session 0: 5-Figure Info Products: How to Create ‘One Problem, One Solution, One Sitting’ Info Products with the Traffic Built In

The key to success in eLearning is to create information products that solve one problem in one sitting. In this first training module, Jason shows you how to find a single, specific solution to a problem, then package that solution into a sellable information product.

This session covers topics like:

The instant gratification hack that lets you stroll into any market and immediately command presence and earn profits

Why you should start small with profits before scaling up, and the importance of setting small goals for yourself before dreaming big

How to find audiences who want to buy your low-quality information products; your first information products will be average quality or worse, but if you can find traffic and customers for these products, you can succeed in the eLearning space

Session 1: The 3rd Party Profit Model: The Easiest Way to Six Figures with Information Products

This module covers how to turn expertise into information products you can sell. You can discover how to easily transform your business into a six-figure enterprise by identifying information experts and packaging their information into a product you can sell. Topics covered include:

Why there’s no relationship between being good and getting paid, and how you can fix this to get paid and by good

Why there are millions of free information products available online (from YouTube videos to podcasts), yet people are still willing to pay for eLearning products

Jason’s 6-step process for taking someone else’s knowledge and turning it into a product, creating a sales pitch for that product, and selling that product online

Session 2: Backend Profits: Getting Customers to Buy From You Over and Over Again

This training module explains how Jason continues to make great income from repeat customers. In fact, Jason claims he typically makes six or seven figures from just a few hundred customers. By tapping into the right niche, you can do the same.

This session covers topics like:

The 3 ways to grow your business, and how much time to focus on each area for the quickest growth and smallest effort

The sharp right turn you need to make after selling your first information product if you want to snowball your way to an information product empire

The one type of information buyer found in every market that is worth at least 212 times the average customer; by focusing on this information buyer alone, you can launch a successful business with minimal effort

Session 3: Traffic Deep Drive: The Most Effective Method to Get Qualified Traffic to Your Offers

One of the hard parts of selling anything online is driving traffic to those offers. Many people never end up making money online because they struggle with traffic. In this module, Jason explains how to drive traffic through free and paid sources.

Topics covered in this module include:

Why the best traffic isn’t paid traffic, and why you can’t buy the best traffic from Facebook, Google, or other online sources

The single dead-simple traffic hack Jason’s top-earning Product eClass students have used over the last 9 years; by using this traffic hack, you can have your Product eClass investment pay for itself hundreds of times over

How to use your product creation skills to drive high-quality traffic in droves to your offers – including traffic out of reach to even the savviest digital marketers

Session 4: High Ticket Products: Where the Real is Made

Some of the most profitable eLearning products are high ticket products. These high ticket products may cost thousands. That may seem exorbitant, but you only need a few prospective customers to make this business work.

In this module, you can discover how to find customers who won’t bat an eye at spending $2,000 on an eLearning course – as long as you market it the right way. Topics covered include:

How to identify the “1 in 10” customer willing to spend 50x more on a single product by making one slight tweak

Why less is more, and why the top spenders in any market are the easiest to please

The best products to sell top spenders, including products that generate the most profit in the least time

A case study on how Jason was able to enter markets as a complete stranger and immediately sell products for 10 to 100 times more than anyone else – all while keeping customers happy

Session 5: The Webinar Method: The Most Profitable Way to Make Buyers Buy More Often and At the Highest Prices

Most webinar suck, and many people spend hundreds of hours making webinars only to get limited results. That’s because they’re not presenting the right information in the right way.

Jason believes a good webinar is the fastest path to seven figures. In this session, he teaches you the proven strategies for creating an ideal webinar, including:

How to shift a low ticket product into a free webinar to draw customers how

Why webinars are the single greatest tool you can use online, but only if you do it using Jason’s recommended way

Every secret Jason has learned from selling over $100 million through webinars

Why you can create effective webinars without expensive software ,technology, and tools – without even watching an instructional video

Session 6: Bigger Traffic Bigger Profits: Here is How You Get Traffic at Scale

After identifying good traffic sources in Session 3, Jason explains how to scale that traffic in Session 6. You can discover how to get millions of dollars’ in sales through small, under-served, highly responsive audiences online. Jason teaches strategies like:

Why 99% of people who buy paid traffic are guaranteed to fail

What Jason has learned from analyzing 617 ad campaigns selling information products, including 17 universal patterns and 13 scaling strategies

3 little-known traffic sources teeming with buyers, including some of the best and most overlooked sources of traffic filled with people ready to buy your information product

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Other Topics Covered in Product eClass

Other things you’ll learn in Product eClass include:

  • How to pump out a digital product in one afternoon, creating an effective product from scratch in a single day
  • Why you don’t need to spend a single penny on paid ads, and how Jason recently generated $57.9 million in sales in 226 days with $0 in ad spending
  • The buying frenzy today’s recession has unlocked that everything but Jason seems blind to
  • The one thing you need to know about digital products that could make or break you
  • How to identify the 212x buyer, which is the person willing to spend 212x more than the average person
  • How to find information products that deliver “the itch they can’t scratch,” pushing people to buy your product over anything else
  • Why this is still the ground floor moment of the information product space, and why Jason believes the biggest pieces of the pie are still waiting to be carved
  • The biggest mistake product creators make with products, inducing why most of them never make money

Jason covers many of these topics in his free introductory presentation. You can view the presentation online before signing up for Product eClass.

What’s Included with Product eClass?

Product eClass includes all of the videos, guides, eBooks, tools, and more to build your own eLearning business. Jason has condensed his decade of eLearning experience into an all-in-one digital product.

As part of a spring 2023 promotion, Jason is also bundling a package of bonus eBooks and products with all new signups. If you signup for Product eClass today, you get instant access to the core training modules, with select bonus content delivered within two weeks of signup.

Here’s what you get when ordering Product eClass online today:

7 Training Sessions: The core of the Product eClass program consists of the seven training sessions mentioned above. Each training session covers a different aspect of growing your eLearning business. Jason delivers the training sessions in video and audio formats with PDF transcripts and slides. Whether you’re a visual learner or audio learner or you’d rather skip through the PDF transcripts, you can get the information you need about your eLearning business with Sessions 0 through 6 of the Product eClass program.

Bonus #1: 101 Killer Product Topics: This bonus eBook includes 101 different, proven product ideas created by Jason. Jason guarantees these ideas will be winners. Curious about which niche to pick? Not sure which area to specialize in? This eBook covers some of the 100% unique product ideas and niches waiting to be discovered.

Bonus #2: Instant Sales Letters: Matching a great idea with a killer sales letter is a proven way to make money online. However, writing a great sales letter is hard. In this bonus eBook, valued at $2,500, you get sales letter templates Jason has created for you. Just plug your offer into these templates, then send traffic to generate sales online. It’s a proven system that could work for you.

Bonus #3: The Follower Challenge: One of the best ways to make money online to amass a loyal group of followers. The hard part, of course, is creating that group of followers in the first place. To help, Jason has launched The Follower Challenge. Jason launched this challenge in partnership with a Product eClass student. After completing Product eClass, that student went on to make millions of dollars. In The Follower Challenge, Jason and the student break down what worked, what didn’t, and how you could enjoy similar success online by amassing a group of followers.

Bonus #4: The Million Dollar Slide Deck: Jason has refined this slide deck over years of development. It’s a presentation template for his video and webinar trainings. He has used this slide deck to sell millions of dollars’ worth of information products. After a decade of perfecting the slide deck, he’s handing it over to students. You can modify it however you like, input your own training into it, and sell it online as a refined, polished, and professional information product. It’s available in both Keynote and PowerPoint formats, and you can also import it into Google Slides.

Bonus #5: The eClass Model: Want to run your own eClasses? This bonus guide lets you learn from the best – Jason. In this training session, Jason explains how to take a low-ticket product you’ve already created and turn it into an eClass. With the right approach, you can sell the eClass for $499 and earn money online – all without significant additions or adjustments to the content inside.

Bonus #6: Consultation with Jason Fladlien: All Product eClass students get a bonus 30-minute consultation with Jason Fladlien over Zoom after they reach $10,000 in product sales from any product they create after signing up for Product eClass. During this private session, you can ask Jason questions, get feedback on your business, and learn from the master. Jason claims his normal consulting fee is $3,125 per hour, valuing this 30 minute consultation at over $1,500.

Bonus #7: 3 Products with Resell Rights: Why develop your own eLearning product when you can find a product with resell rights instead? Jason is giving all Product eClass students 3 of his own information products. You can sell these products and keep 100% of the profits. They’re royalty-free information products you can start selling online today. They’re not freebie, low-quality products, either; instead, they’re high-quality products with a world-class sales funnel that could start making money as soon as you generate traffic.

Product eClass Refund Policy: 200% Moneyback Guarantee

Jason offers a 200% moneyback guarantee to all Product eClass students. There are actually two guarantees included in this offer:

30 Day, No Questions Asked Moneyback Guarantee: Unhappy with Product eClass for any reason? Contact the team via within the first 30 days of your purchase to receive a full refund with no questions asked.

60 Day 200% Moneyback Guarantee: Jason gives you 60 days from signing up for Product eClass to create a new information product. If you don’t make at least 200% of your investment back, then Jason will personally give you 200% of your purchase price for Product eClass. You must meet certain qualifications to get this refund (like documenting your activities and attempting to drive traffic to the offer), but it’s a generous guarantee unlike anything else in the digital marketing world.

Who is Jason Fladlien?

Jason Fladlien is a digital marketing specialist described as the quarter billion dollar webinar man.

Jason specializes in webinars, sales, products, and positioning. For the last 9 years, he has launched Product eClass with the goal of helping the best entrepreneurs make the most money by empowering the most people.

You can learn more about Jason Fladlien and his 11 commandments via his official website.

About Rapid Crush

Rapid Crush is a Nokomis, Florida-based digital marketing company founded in 2011 by Jason Fladlien and Wilson Mattos. The company’s sales methodology has generated hundreds of millions of dollars in sales.

You can contact Rapid Crush and the Product eClass customer service team via the following:

  • Phone: (651) 505-8540
  • Mailing Address: 2520 N Tamiami Trail, Suite 17, Nokomis, FL 34275

Final Word

Jason Fladlien’s Product eClass is an online training program designed to help you make money by selling information products online.

By signing up for Product eClass today, you can discover how to transform information into sellable products online – similar to how Jason grew his 9-figure empire.

To learn more about Product eClass or to sign up today, visit the official website.

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