Prospero – The Home-Based Health Care Company Enters South California

Prospero - The Home-Based Health Care Company Enters South California

The expansion of their roots to other countries such as Las Angels, San Diego, etc., will allow many people to experience the latest technology and make it easier on their health prospects. Frequently visiting hospitals would be lethargic and even risky. Prospero’s new home-based health care system that a physician well drives requires minimum attention. The system has many features that can track the patient’s health and even provide better analysis for better treatment.

Prospero – The Home-Based Health Care Company Enters South California

Prospero’s primary plan for releasing this advanced device was to provide compassionate care for patients suffering from advanced illness, as stated by Prospero’s co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Doug Wenners. He even added that, since most of their patients have more than one chronic disease, their system will provide the patients and their families with a better and high-quality life and help them with adverse social determinants of health.

Prospero - The Home-Based Health Care Company Enters South California

What is Prospero Health care?

Prospero Health is a Boston-based health care company founded in 2019. Prospero Health is a health care company that provides home-based living with complex conditions.

This makes people feel authorized to retrieve their story from the very beginning and enjoy their lives like never before.

They work towards providing medical facilities to patients with too severe complex medical conditions at home. Their service is home-based. All in all, it simplifies life for people.

Expansion of Prospero

Prospero has been persistent with national efforts so far. The home-based health care company notified that it would set foot in Southern California to serve patients in San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange, and Riverside countries.

According to the report of March 2021, it serves in 21 states with more than 9000 patients. It has its innovative method of serving by video consultation capabilities in-home. It has 24/7 telemedicine support for people living with severe health conditions.

Prospero Health is planning to enter more than 16 new states by December. Doug Wenners, co-founder and CEO of Prospero Health, told the Home Health Care News,

 “Many of our patients have more than one chronic health issue and often face severe challenges associated with adverse social determinants of health. We provide medical and non-medical support for our patients and their families to help them live higher-quality lives”.

“We specialize in providing compassionate care for vulnerable people with advanced illness,” said Prospero co-Founder and Chief executive officer Doug Wenners. “What our start in California means for people is that they will have access to high-quality home-based medical care.”

Achievements and plans

Prospero Health has strengthened to serve more than 350 patients in Southern California this year.

Doug Wenner has plans to additionally enlarge Prospero’s growing impression. Nevada, New Mexico, West Virginia, Michigan, and Vermont are some are of the locations that Prospero is targeting to enter by the end of this year.

Prospero’s advanced team ensures that the patients receive the best care they need. Further expansion is planned in the coming months as it has announced national expansion by December. Patients with significant chronic disease and their family will have a sigh of relief after their expansion.


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