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Kengan Omega Chapter 157 is releasing this week and fans are happy that the weekly hiatus is finally over. After the sudden hiatus in last week’s chapter, waiting for the chapter became a tough job. In last week’s chapter, agents from the Kengan Association were tasked with bringing Xia to their side. So now Tokita is taking matters into his own hands. Here you can find out everything about the latest excursion.

In the next chapter, Tokita Ohma will fight with Xia Ji. This battle will continue into the next chapter. But what will be more interesting to watch are the beans that Xia will reveal about the work of the Worm organization.

Kengan Omega Chapter 157

Kengan Omega Chapter 157: What Will Happen Next?

There’s a good chance Tokita Ohma will appear right in front of Xia as he runs away. By hook or by crook, the heroes of the Kengan Association must win Xia over to their side. So the next chapter is now eyeing an incredible action sequence. The previous chapter already stated that Xia had insane powers transported in his body. This scene only served to set up the fight between him and Ohma.

So Kengan Omega Chapter 157 will start with Tokita looking for Xia. From the other side, some members of the association will come to help the two fallen soldiers. Fans are excited to see what comes next in this fiery battle sequence.

Kengan Omega Chapter 157

Summary of the previous chapter!

Kengan Omega Chapter 156 began with the plan the Kengan Association made to bring in one of the main leaders of the Worm organization. The man was none other than Xia Ji. Two agents were assigned to follow him to his grave and take him for questioning. A tracker was also planted in the sole of his shoe. They could carry him a long way to the other part of town. But Xia Ji realized something was wrong.

He was quick enough to see and remove the tracker. Both Akoya Seishu and Gaoh Ryuki were shocked at how he was able to break free from their grip. After a little fight, Xia showed a surprising amount of strength. It turned out that he had insane powers within himself. Back in the alley where the members of the association were following the events, Tokita walked in. He asked what was going on. When he found out that Xia had escaped, he decided to take matters into his own hands.

Kengan Omega Chapter 157

Kengan Omega Chapter 157 Release Date

The following chapter of Kengan Omega is poised to bring incredible action back to the fore. It seems like Worm is one of the strongest villains the manga has had so far. How does the Kengan Association plan to deal with this in the future? Kengan Omega Chapter 157 will be released this week with all the answers. The chapter will be released on May 5, 2022.

Fans can read all the chapters of the manga only on Kodansha official sites. We’ll be sure to update this section as soon as there are more updates on this. So keep in touch with The Anime Daily.

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