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Hundreds of dietary supplements, shakes, and smoothies are available on the market, most of which promise several health benefits. With many ingredients receiving little to no support from traditional or modern medicines, one has to wonder how effective these allegedly helpful solutions are.

Our editorial team understands these issues and is continually looking for solutions that strike a balance between the various health practices. In this regard, we just discovered one wellness company that houses science-based ingredients, respects tradition, and offers health benefits. This one team has been and will continue to celebrate a lesser-known yet powerful antioxidant. Without further ado, here is a thorough look at QuiAri.

What is QuiAri?

QuiAri is a health and wellness company that aims to raise awareness of Maqui berries, the world’s #1 antioxidant superfruit. The QuiAri narrative begins with Bob Reina, a Tampa Bay-based police officer turned founder and CEO who has long been passionate about assisting low-income families. His job evolved as a result of his tremendous desire to help people. In fact, the founder empathized with such families, which drove him to the direct selling industry.

And so, he collaborated with leading Maqui berry scientist Dr. Juan Hancke to develop MaquiX®, which boosts the antioxidant power of the berries by 10-fold. Following that, the team spent months working with experts to design several flavors of shakes and tablets so that individuals could have pure, sustainable energy and various health advantages. Before we get into the product details, let’s examine what makes these Maqui berries so special.

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In what ways are Maqui berries beneficial?

The Maqui berry is a purple exotic fruit native to South America. It is mainly gathered by Chilean Mapuche Indians, who use the fruit, leaves, and stems for medicinal uses. These berries are regarded as a superfruit today because of their high antioxidant content. To begin with, antioxidant activity is vital for neutralizing free radicals, inflammation, and oxidative stress, all of which contribute to a variety of chronic diseases.

Maqui berries include a group of antioxidants known as anthocyanins, which are thought to reduce the risk of heart attacks, high blood pressure, and high LDL cholesterol levels. Blood sugar levels are considered to be the next area to improve. This is due to the berry’s capacity to break down and efficiently use carbs for energy. Surprisingly, antioxidants protect the eyes from light-induced damage.

To add to the list of benefits, these berries are said to give rise to a healthy and diversified gut flora, which may benefit the immune system. Other preliminary study results include anticancer and anti-aging properties and dry eye alleviation, but further research is needed on this front. It’s impressive to think that these benefits, to a certain degree, arise from eating the fruits. Imagine the magnitude of these results when a patented ingredient like MaquiX® is ingested!

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What products does QuiAri offer?

QuiAri’s product category currently holds the following three big sellers:

QuiAri Shake

QuiAri Shake is a powdered supplement packed with a balanced blend of essential vitamins and minerals and the proprietary MaquiX® extract. Each serving is free of sugar, chalky taste, and grit. Nutritionally, each serving contains 120 calories and a whopping 16g of whey protein.

QuiAri Energy

QuiAri Energy, as the name suggests, promises to provide pure, natural, and sustainable energy. It only takes two tablets each day to experience clarity, alertness, and endurance. In addition to the Maqui berry extract, each serving houses other energy-boosting ingredients like Green Coffee Bean Extract, Green Tea Left Extract, Garcinia Cambogia, Cinnamon Bark, Cayenne Pepper, and Ginger Root. Our editorial team likes the approach taken by the QuiAri team in this instance, seeing how people are less likely to have the urge to take mid-day naps. Likewise, the risk of jitters and crashes is more or less slashed.

QuiAri Prime Gel

QuiAri Prime Gel is an anti-aging, antioxidant gel that is orally consumed to look and feel younger. Each serving combines an apt concentration of Aloe Vera, Grapeseed Extract, Green Tea Extract, Blackberry Extract, Melon Powder, and Grape Skin Extract. When combined with the likes of MaquiX® and YouthX® blends, individuals can anticipate protection from free radical damage (and healing as seen fit) and a possible reversal in aging signs.

QuiAri YouthX® Blend

The QuiAri YouthX Blend, also found in the Prime Gel mentioned above, combined ingredients that have been demonstrated to boost antioxidant levels. S.O.D., Resveratrol, and Pterostilbene are among the top contenders. This blend is proclaimed to offer tremendous nutritional advantages without sacrificing taste. Some examples include eradicating free radicals, healing damaged cells, and regenerating skin and collagen levels.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. How should QuiAri Shake be consumed?

A. Individuals are asked to add one scoop of QuiAri Shake to 12 ounces of cold water, shake it quickly, and enjoy it.

Q. How should QuiAri Energy be taken?

A. The recommended QuiAri Energy serving size is one to two tablets daily. For optimal benefits, individuals may want to pair these tablets with a serving of the QuiAri Shake.

Q. How should QuiAri Prime Gel be consumed?

A. The recommended QuiAri Prime Gel serving size entails one to two gel packets, which should be taken anytime between the QuiAri Shake and QuiAri Energy.

Q. Are there different flavors of QuiAri Shake?

A. The QuiAri Shake comes in chocolate and vanilla flavors.

Q. How much energy will QuiAri Energy provide?

A. QuiAri Energy is claimed to provide the same effects as consuming one to two cups of coffee!

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Q. Is QuiAri Energy suited for everyone?

A. QuiAri Energy should be kept away from children. In addition, pregnant and nursing mothers and those on medication are recommended to consult a health practitioner before getting started.

Q. Are QuiAri products safe?

A. All three QuiAri products are said to be manufactured in a GMP-certified facility following rigorous testing for ultimate purity, safety, and effectiveness.

Q. Are QuiAri products FDA-approved?

A. No, QuiAri products are not FDA-approved, as no natural supplement on the market has been.

How can QuiAri products be purchased?

There are two ways through which QuiAri products can be purchased. The first is as a regular customer, requiring people to sign up on the official website. The second is as a promoter. Promoters have their own unique sponsor ID and can buy QuiAri products to resell at their leisure.

For more information, contact the QuiAri support team by sending an email or by phone at:

How much do QuiAri products cost?

QuiAri believes in financial accessibility and, therefore, did its best to offer reasonable prices, as seen below:

  • QuiAri Shake Bulk (1-month supply): USD$84 each
  • QuiAri Shake Single-Serve (1-month supply): USD$88 each
  • QuiAri Shake Single-Serve (14-day supply): USD$44 each
  • QuiAri Energy Bottle (1-month supply): USD$48 each
  • QuiAri Energy Single-Serve (1-month supply): USD$52 each
  • QuiAri Prime Gel Box (1-month supply): USD$89 each

You won’t find a better deal on QuiAri anywhere else!

Concluding Remarks

Everyone gets excited and flourishes whenever our researchers come across companies that provide products and prioritize research and testing. With QuiAri, people are introduced to a potent antioxidant called Maqui berries. Society has long been aware of vitamin C and resveratrol, but these purplish berries have taken second place.

As the growing body of evidence increases, the berries’ benefits are gradually becoming more and more apparent. Recognizing that the fruit alone might not be enough, the CEO collaborated with Dr. Juan Hancke to create MaquiX®. This extract offers ten times the antioxidants compared to the average fruit.

Furthermore, the same team created YouthX®, an antioxidant extract combining a handful of ingredients to potentially reverse the effects of aging. This duo has been combined in shakes, prime gel, and energy supplements (thanks to a group of nutritionists), providing a sound balance of taste and nutrition.

This QuiAri team appears to have taken a holistic approach that revolves around the mind, body, and spirit, making QuiAri investments a good value.

For more information on QuiAri, or to purchase their products, visit here>>>.

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