Rapper Robb Banks releases Berserk anime concept album and jewelry to honor mangaka Kentaro Miura


Falconia album cover.
Falconia CD cover by Rob Banks, front and back. Credit: Robb Banks

On May 6, 2022, the first anniversary of Kentaro Miura’s death, one of mangaka’s biggest fans – rapper Robb Banks – released his Berserk concept album on YouTube in honor of the epic dark fantasy manga. The album is called Falconia and is inspired by the adventures of Guts, Griffith and Casca.

Last year, Kentaro Miura’s untimely death shook fans, leaving the future of the Berserk manga uncertain. Fans wondered if the official manga would continue? You can read more about it in my article:

Kentaro Miura’s death was 1 year ago: the berserk ending was published by manga fans instead of Young Animal’s silence.

Berserk music enters the world of rap thanks to Robb Banks

After Miura’s death, fans found myriad ways to honor Berserk’s legacy, such as expressing themselves through art, animation, and cosplay (there are many amazing male cosplayers dressed up as Guts). Berserk has garnered more fans than ever due to its passionate fan base even though the series has ended. Thanks to rapper Robb Banks, that passion is now spreading to the world of rap.

Robb Banks has been a fan of Berserk for years. In 2017 he released the controversial song “Griffith Did Nothing Wrong”. Rapper Robb has several Berserker tattoos and calls himself “femto” on Twitter. Robb Banks releasing an entire album inspired by Berserker was just an inevitability.

Banks announced the release of Falconia in a tweet:

The album contains 18 tracks inspired by the events of the Berserk manga and features an album cover capturing one of Casca’s famous moments. While there aren’t many obvious references to Berserk, like Griffith Did Nothing Wrong, there is a track titled CHARLOTTES INTERLUDE.

The song Charlotte’s Interlude from the album Falconia.

It makes sense that a manga series like Berserk would appeal to a musician. Griffith’s story of how he started at the bottom of society, crawled to the top and gained power by sacrificing loved ones parallels the sacrifices many artists must make for fame. Guts’ heroic journey as he tries to find meaning in his existence while fighting the bitter sting of betrayal is relatable to artists as well.

Banks also tweeted a picture of a gold behelit studded with diamonds for those who want to dress up their bling.

Robb Banks holds up his gold behelit.
Rapper Robb Banks with his gold and diamond Behelit, the king’s egg. Credit: Robb Banks
Griffith holding his Behelit from the anime Berserk.
Screenshot of Griffith with his Behelit from the anime Berserk. Photo credit: OLM Inc

The entire album is available to listen to on YouTube now, or you can listen to where it was first released on Spotify and Apple Music.

The entire Falconia album.

Rappers scream to their favorite animes in their songs

Robb Banks isn’t the only musician to incorporate references to his favorite anime or manga into his songs. Megan Thee Stallion (a rapper known for her “Hot Girl Summer” meme, which is about feeling confident and having fun, which inspired women to take selfies with the caption “I heard it is hot girl summer” is known for being a fan of anime black clover.

When Megan Thee Stallion made a specific tweet, she immediately caught the attention of Black Clover fans:

Megan’s fans were quick to agree with her opinion of the anime, while some others recommended some other anime titles that she might like.

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