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After releasing intense reading for every fan, it might be a little longer than expected for Legend of Northern Blade Chapter 133 to come back. The series has finished its first season and the second is coming soon. But the writer claims to be ill at the moment and wants to take a break. So season 2 of the series should come when the author thinks it’s best. So the war has finally come to a halt and Jin Mu Won looks desperate. He wants to follow in his father’s footsteps from now on. Therefore, he will take revenge very soon. So, here’s everything about the upcoming chapter.

In the next chapter of the series, Jin Mu Won will decide to take revenge. He saw his people die and wants to act on it. He stood on the blood of his people. Next game he will turn to new tactics to mark a win.

Legend of Northern Blade Chapter 133

Legend of Northern Blade Chapter 133: What will happen next?

Legend of Northern Blade Chapter 133 is all about new beginnings after a series of failures. Jin Mu Won learned a lot after making the wrong choices. He didn’t see the bloodshed coming. But now he wants to change something. After a lengthy monologue about following in his father’s footsteps, it’s clear that’s what he wants to do next. He will be resurrected as his father and fulfill the required requirements.

On the other hand, Jin Mu Won also seemed very determined. In addition, the people of the sect have shown their full support. Thus, a raging war can easily be foreseen. Also, it can be predicted that he will achieve a pure victory. The coming chapters will showcase the protagonist’s superior martial arts. Finally, a new romantic partner may emerge as the series progresses.

Legend of Northern Blade Chapter 133

Summary of the previous chapter!

Legend of Northern Blade Chapter 132 began with the cult members waiting for Jin Mu Won to arrive. They sensed his presence and prepared for it. Jin Mu Won asked if the members present were okay. To which the group responded about their well-being. Soon the air changed when Ryu San was mentioned. Jin Mu Won paused and concluded that he couldn’t save Ryu San. This brought calm to the clan.

Meanwhile, Jin Mu Won was so depressed that he started comparing himself to his father. He thought about the deaths that took place. He stood on the blood of his soldiers. Unfortunately he didn’t see that coming. Also, Jin My Won cried over the death of his partner. Finally the man came to his senses and decided not to stand still. He announced that they would rise again. At the final panel, each member swore their allegiance for the next fight.

Legend of Northern Blade Chapter 133

Legend of Northern Blade Chapter 133 Release Date

So Jin Mu Won is ready to take his next step. Legend of Northern Blade Chapter 133 will be released on May 24th, 2022. The chapter will be available on Webtoon. So stay tuned for more updates.


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