Reprogramming Of Cell Can Cure Spinal Cord Injury

Reprogramming Of Cell Can Cure Spinal Cord Injury

The cells known as astrocytes, which support our neurons, are now under the consideration of scientists to covert these star-shaped cells to neurons that can be very useful to establish a reconnection of the body and the brain after the spinal cord injury.

Reprogramming Of Cell Can Cure Spinal Cord Injury

Dr. Hedong Li, who is a neurologist at the Department of regenerative medicine at a college located in Georgia, claimed that they are at a stage of optimization and said that they are confident about the process of the conversion and can successfully carry out the experiment.

Reprogramming Of Cell Can Cure Spinal Cord Injury

He added that they are at a stage where they have to think about the feasible approach towards it and make it reach the local clinics in order to carry out the recovery of the brain or spinal cord injury. He said they have a lot to do to advance for this experiment, and a vast study is required to conclude.

Li, who is a principal investigator on a 423,000-dollar R21 development and a research grant from the national institute of health which can enable his team to construct and use his technology to repair the injured spinal cord in order to make the availability of new spinal cords.

Li was granted a total of 1.8 million dollars NIH grant that was utilized in the research and the experiments to construct ND1-124T. He had a big responsibility on his shoulders, and the money was granted because of his findings and research that came out to be positive and his team successfully demonstrated that NeuroD1 could be converted to astrocytes which are reactive that can show up after the injury into the new brain cells and spinal cord.

Li was also the author of the published paper in the frontiers of the cell and biology department, which reported that NeuroD1 could convert astrocytes to neurons that are followed by a spinal cord injury or even a lot more time after the injury.

He had evidence that gave solid proof, which resulted in the paucity of neurons in need of a high level of NeuroD1 to make the desired results. He exclaimed that he wants everything to get normal and which also includes the reduction of the NeuroD1 level after the production of new neurons. Li claimed that it is a smart strategy. 

Dr. Sergie, a neurologist and director at the neuroscience department, has watched the NeuroD1 in the three-dimension, which will then be transformed to the neurons in the brain and have seen the reactive cells to become a smaller cell body.

They are also working in the ways to transform within the cylindrical forms with the size of the circumference of your fingers of the human body and to ease the issues. He claimed that in recent years they would have enough knowledge regarding it. He also said that the recent study suggested that the neuron produced from astrocytes can be present in the brain in the model of Alzheimer’s and brain injury.


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